Windows Phone: Here Is the News in the Next update

When the next major update to Windows Phone 8.1 rolls out, it will be among other things with folders.

Do you have a Windows Phone, has now been completely perfect into the summer, with the update to Windows Phone 8.1 and release of Microsoft’s LockScreen app.

Microsoft continues, however, to improve the control system, and already we are starting to hear about the news in the next major update, General Distribution Release 1 (GDR1)

One of the news of GDR1, the feature ‘folders’ there will be an integral part of the operating system. Many might think that it was time, as competing systems such as Android and iOS have had it for years.

Users of Windows Phone has now had to make do in the application’s app-folder ‘ as theoretically do the same, but that celexa seems slow, ill thought-out and clearly bear the imprint of a stop-gap.

GDR1 brings allegedly also support for interactive art, as we already know it from HTC, LG and Samsung.

Other news in GDR1 is according to Redmond Pie:

• Voice over LTE.
• Support for WXGA 800×1280
• Medium Live Tile to the Microsoft Store app.
• Support for NTP (Network Time Protocol).
• Cortana can be added to the phone book, in order to be able to be used in URf.eks. the car.
• Dual SIM for both GSM + CDMA network.
• “Auto scan for updates” can be hidden by OEMs.
• SD card support is no longer a requirement for OEMs.
• OEMs can change the layout of the home screen.