Why Haven’t You Camped?

Es If it’s an article for you, first-time camper, I’ve always wanted to go camping, but lacked courage, or partnership information. We will solve your problem! Here we will give tips and basic information for first-time campers.


The first thing you will need to do is to plan your trip!

Start by choosing the destination of your adventure. What kind of place would you like to go? Beach? Sierra? Field? A site with hiking trails, rivers, waterfalls, sea, horseback riding? Close to the city? Far from everything?
Think also what time you would like to travel: summer? Autumn? Winter? Spring? Consider that in States like those in the southern region due to climate change, the pace of life change much between winter and summer. You will need to plan how long do you intend to still go camping. A weekend? A long weekend? A week? Two weeks? A month?
All of this information is important for you to know what it will take for your first camp.
Choice of camping

If you want to camp for the first time and has no partners that camp already, we suggest that you choose a place with a certain infrastructure (water, electricity and toilets). This will facilitate your life. For starters, no wild camping. Try to give information about the location of camping with relation to the nearest urban centre.

Yes, and once decided the date, the place, the time and the camping, what to do?

Tent: essential article

Well, the first thing you will need is a tent. If you get a borrowed tent, probably won’t have many options to choose from. But if you decide to buy one (there are numerous types of qualities, sizes, weights and values for all tastes), read about Tents in Equipment section of the fuiacampar.com.br site, to make a choice that conforms to your profile.


Depending on the weather and the amount of days you stay at camping, you may need an awning, to give support in the event of too much sun or too much rain. What if it rains just in time for lunch? How are you going to Cook?

Many campsites have support kiosks with barbecue, which help a lot in these times of rain. It is therefore important for you to know in advance how the local infrastructure, also to avoid taking unnecessary things.

  1. Until the time is right you will need a tent, and maybe of an awning. What else?

Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag, without doubt! If you do not have to who borrow one, and still do not want to invest in it, it’s okay if the first time you take a sheet and a blanket. But only the first time, did you? Why Camping with sheet and covered is almost an insult to the tent that will spend all night working on it. Today there are sleeping bags of all types, shapes, sizes, materials, qualities and prices.

Thermal insulator

Most people use something underneath the sleeping bag, which can be a thermal insulation or an air mattress or even a foam mat even. Read about these options in mattresses and equipment section Insulators (fuiacampar.com.br).

If you’ve never been camping, it is important you understand that the floor of the tent is a canvas, i.e. If there are rocks or roots under the tent, you won’t have a very pleasant evening. Yes, because not all campsites have lush and soft grasses. Another problem is the issue of moisture that comes from the ground: depending on the weather and location, you will awaken all cold and wet – that if you can sleep. So if you are a first-time camper, don’t give up a thermal insulator, or any type of mattress.

And time to Cook?

Depending on the camping, if allowed, and if you know how to make fire, you can cook in ground fire. But the truth is that most campgrounds do not allows to ground fire, but many have grills that can be used for this purpose. Ideally, if you do not want to lose much time, is to have some sort of stove.

Hey, you ever feel ready to become officially a camper!?

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