Why Certain Types Of Clothes Look Good On You?

Don’t be upset, you’re not the only one! Happens all the time: we see a look super cool somewhere and strives to create something similar, but when you look at yourself in the mirror notes that something has gone wrong. Or no, maybe some look isn’t the beach your right, who knows?

It also has the “almost” inverse, where people tell you not to use certain combination of clothes that is considered wrong or awkward and one day you are faced with a picture of a guy popping with everything that you considered prohibited. What is the secret?

There are four things you must appreciate to make sure that a specific type of clothes will fall like a glove, see below:

1-Stay Stylish With Ease

That is, adopt the style without that look like something forced, because the naturalness is something very important to the well-dressed man, one of the worst things is opinion shifted inside the clothes. Neither is cool, take everything to the limit, use everything in excess to getting noticed.

2-Has The Physical Type Compatible With The Clothes

And I’m not talking about being pied or thin, just to have the kind of body that will be proportional, that will fill the clothes the right way.Just for comparison, a basic t-shirt can get better in someone with common body than a guy ultra Mottley. In fact it is good to remember that until a he-man who is suffering to buy something that fits in their proportions.

3-Use Decent Quality And Trim Parts

Yes, you can’t embed a good style with clothes of poor quality, you always will look like a cheap copy. Note the noble fabrics, trim and finishing note 10.

4-Align Your Clothes With Your Personal Style

Many times everything is in place: ideal body, nice clothes and trim appropriate, but that everything, no matter how good it is, a lot depends on your personal style and the way many small features your influence on how you and other people see the end result of the combination used.

This Topic Deserves More Specific Examples:

You can even dress up as a surfer and be white boy, without the slightest paint that goes to the beach, but hardly the result will be as good, because her own clothes is created thinking man praiano and Tan, the colors are thought to combine with certain skin tones.

Wear clothes with rocker-inspired and have a haircut too “preppy” may not work, because usually looks like you stole someone’s costume.

Wear a suit and a tie, but walking one way inelegant, be lazy and choose inappropriate accessories makes apparent that you are not aligned with the dressing.

Choose specific clothing of a particular culture or race whose relationship with your lifestyle is crappy is not a good idea. Just see any Westerner using kimono, for the most part it seems humorous program prank.