White Shoes in Business

At the thought of white shoes I have a terrible Association: naked, too pale, stacksige legs in white Pumps-the specter of any holiday! Know this sight?

As white shoes last year as THE megatrend were proclaimed, I had also once again get used to-and break with my prejudices.

Now I have – discovered but for me – the white shoes. Namely buttery AGLS decorated with silver. And I want to make business fit. That’s how it’s done:

White Shoes in the Maritime Business look

On top of the photo is a casual pants suit created from jogging pants and a dark blue blazer to see. A red bag sets a splash of color and to my white shoes – that’s my business casual look, with which I would any board confront. Other variants can be found here .

Business Tip No.1: trousers and jacket are made ??of the same material, which makes the look more casual and not so conservative.

Business-Outfit in Zartbeige

Very apart arrive combinations tone-on-tone. Again, I have again deliberately combined trousers and jacket from different collections, so it looks casual. Since the shoes have a light brown border at the bottom, the hue is taken up again and adds a very harmonious.

Business Tip No. 2: If even glitter or star are processed in the shell, you should premier-pharmacy.com/product/aciphex/ save other jewelry. Otherwise affects the look too cluttered.

Casual Business With White Shoes

In business, you are like gray, blue and black on the safe side with classic colors.When currently trendy business casual look but can also be a colored pants, as this aubergine are taken. The white shoes and the white shell frame pants a nice and pink blazer makes the look suitable for business.

Business Tip No. 3: If you stay in one color family, you manage the business-casual style: how about for example with dark blue pants light blue jacket and gray trousers to black blazer? It-done White shirt underneath and chain!
Try it out!

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What interests you in the future? I look forward to your ideas and suggestions.Thank you so much!

Source: The buttery shoes are of AGL and I have in Bad Godesberg at Lovingbought.
If you have questions about other parts, just a short comment.