While LG Flex Prepares for Its International Release, Because His Replacement Is Discussed

LG G Flex is a reality, with greater or lesser interest to the general public, but there it is, ready to be purchased internationally. Considered the second handset – after Samsung Galaxy Round – that have used a flexible display for its conception, it is really the first showing some degree of flexibility.

LG model could say that it is more advanced, which in practice is much more real than the Samsung, in fact you want to launch in the United States and Europe at the beginning of 2014. In other markets it will appear soon, Hong Kong will have it available on December 3.

In Europe it seems that Orange France will offer it, and in the United States relates it to Sprint, T-Mobile and AT & T. operators Price – close to $1000 – not invited to make it a best seller, and we believe that it is the intention of LG.

LG G Flex 2, more flexible

The curious thing about all this is that the Koreans already are circling to his successor, who will try to take the level of flexibility to another level. Talk about that you can bend 90 degrees without that nothing in its structure damage.

We do not well understand the usefulness of reach that angle, since still not can be considered as folding – 180 degrees – just more flexible. It is clear that come a point at which we can close and open as he opens a laptop.

We are sure that in terms of resistance, or in putting together a device that needs greater curvature, the advance of 90 degrees will be welcome, but on a phone I end it see. Logically the batteries continue to be curved, and we have no doubt that the outer material will be repairable auto.

By the way, it seems liked the name, and running that they will call him LG G Flex II and we’ll see it sometime in the coming year.