Which Pillow is Right For Me?

For a restful sleep, the correct pillow is responsible. Your neck should be able to relax ideal. To find the right pillow!

The market offers a wide selection of pillows. And who has the choice, are spoiled: Help Aloe Vera in the pillow against dust mites?Alleviating cervical pillow tension? There is no panacea.

Everyone has individual sleeping habits. One can buy by feel or seek advice from your dealer. The bed professionals can find out about the details and quality differences.Because spring is not the same spring, fiber ball is not the same fiber ball.

The three most common types of pillows are:

  • Feather and down pillows
  • washable “Allergy cushions”
  • Nackenstützkissen

The “Classic”: Feather And Down Pillows

Ideal for cuddly sleepers and those who wish to stay with the familiar.

It should be noted: There are many varieties of feathers and down. Usually for pillows goose down and feathers most frequently because they are more robust compared to duck feathers.

The percentage of down in the filling decide whether the cushion should be more fixed or luxuriously soft. Classic pillow has a down content between 20-30%. There are also now comfortable cushion with up to 90% down content. Many shops can fill pillows as desired and also offer a special Bettfedernreinigung what is gentler on the filling, as the washing in the washing machine.

Washable Pillows for Allergy Sufferers And Strong “Schwitzer”

Ideal for sleepers with dust allergies and asthma are pillows with filling of synthetic fiber balls. These can be problem-free wash to 60 ° C and dry again in the dryer.

Tip: Put the dryer two or three tennis balls, so that the filling is nice puffy again. Zippers in Kissenhülle allow easy removal of the filling, so you can adjust the height itself. The filling is now available in different qualities.Thereby also the durability and wash resistance is different.

Also useful are these pillows for sleepers who perspire more. It is important that the fabric is heat-regulating and does not generate any additional heat build-up. The best way to explain satin pillow cases by Epillowcases.

Cervical Pillow as a Problem Solver

More and more people suffer from tension in the shoulder and neck area. Often satin pillows are

either too high or too low, thus relieving too little.
Cervical pillow can alleviate the problems or even solve. It is important when selecting, that the pillow is adapted in height to the needs of the sleeper. Shoulder width and head shape decide on the level and shape of the cushion.

The range of neck support pillow is confusing for many people. Why an individual consultation with sun sample in the shop is recommended. It should also be possible to employ different shapes. A trained consultant can determine when the sun sample whether the selected cushion meets the requirements. It is important that the customer makes the sun sample on a mattress that matches their own mattress, so that the results are not distorted.

Good bed stores have the ability to measure the sleeper, and thereby issue a reliable recommendation. Often there is already a satisfaction guarantee.

Cushion Sizes

In Germany there are in spring and washable cushion two standard sizes: 40×80 and 80×80 cm. In cervical pillow there is no standard size. They move between 30×50 to 40×80 cm. There are matching pillowcases for each pillow.