Which Celebrity Has the Coolest Style?

Glamour Look À La Gwen Stefani, Girlish Elegance Of A Natalie Portman Or Maybe The Boho-Chic By Sienna Miller? Which Of The 10 Celebrities Has The Cooler Style? Vote!

Angelina Jolie

Either you love them or you hate them (alone, because she did it, Brad Pitt a to break once and for all under the nail). In any case, “parent mother” Angelina looks anything but old-fashioned. The 6 x mother, actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador prefers dark uni colours and relies on simple Elegance, instead of Flash showmanship. In the simple black Bustierklied or Pencilskirt and ruffled blouse – this woman’s like pure.

Anne Hathaway

The actress with the plate-large DOE eyes loves Tweed costumes and dresses in black-and-white Chanel look.Whether in the waisted dress with fringe applications or in a black pants suit-Anne Hathaway to play it safe and relies on classic elegance, reported by constructmaterials.

Cate Blanchett

The ethereally beautiful: The actress with the alabaster complexion and the distinctive cheeks likes like a little more unusual: in the cobalt blue patent leather dress or in the monochrome waisted dress with cut-outs – Madame Blanchett so or so a good figure.

Gwen Stefani

The 2-time Mommy took a complete style change. While she showed earlier like in sweat pants and belly-free ribbed shirts, she has become a glamorous red carpet-style appropriated. With everything included – more expensive jewelry, designer high heels & co.. In between but the former lightning skater-punk-rock-style (style with Tolle and Plaid cloth) through. And she kept the mirror lips anyway.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The aschblonde actress has the hang of it-her clothing style is a perfect blend of sexy, cool and still stylish. Gwyneth Paltrow is on ultra short skirts & dresses-and she can afford–we must admit envy it-also it. Skillfully combining them with a casual Blazer-a short mini dress or a pop-tight leather skirt and hey presto a relaxed look it is. And by the way, it is the best “poster child” their bosom friend Stella McCartney.

Katie Holmes

Within a very short time she has succeeded to become Hollywood’s current style icon and become a fashion model for a whole generation.Not least thanks to the friendship with fashion Victom Victoria Beckham and a good image consultant.When Katie in scuffed jeans of clutter in oversized is spotted, a jeans-hype comes in no time it and suddenly everyone in “Boyfriend Jeans” runs out.Still much better but she are ladylike – like here in the figure-hugging dark blue pinafore or the noble Camelhaar trench coat.

Keira Knightley

The Petite actress loves Elfish appearances. Whether in White Swan dress or modestly covered in lace (the perfect daughter-in-law look)-her clothes are as light as a feather and fragile as they are.


Even Madonna has grown up and is seen only on the way to the Kabbalah Centre in baggy adidas jogging trousers and Baseball Cap. Otherwise she shows her mature, and yet verfüherischen side. Like here in the black chiffon dress to the long and fresh erblondeten mane of curls or in patterned Hippie dress with low neckline.

Natalie Portman

Sweet innocence: even 15 years after her breakthrough as a precocious girl in the cult film “Léon – the professional” Madame Portman exudes the charm of a “girl girl”. Like here in the soft pink dresses or in artistic two-layer dress. Sweet!

Sienna Miller

The Petite blonde is known for its casual boho style–a mix of Gypsie-and vintage elements, coupled with designer fashion. Type-safe Sienna look: short dresses in retro-look and jacket with Rufous fringes to the Centre parting and open (easily break whizzed) hair. Already the choice of her yellow red patterned dress was unusual…