What Your City Bike Practice?

A city bike is something efficient, ecological and pleasant to move urban, as paths are multiplying. But to choose your bike, it is first necessary to know the use you want to make. If you’re pretty adept short journeys, you prefer to focus on comfort, while if you aim the performance, you will look for before all the speed and dynamism. Finally, if you have a regular practice of your bike without seeking speed, you choose the strength and robustness.

Safety First

According to cheeroutdoor, city bikes are designed, as the name suggests, for urban use. In fact, their wheels are equipped with double wheels and tyres for bitumen, in order to ensure optimum adhesion. But do not forget that journeys in the city can be sown with pitfalls and security is therefore not to neglect, regardless of your level of practice. In this sense, it is important to pay attention to the type of lighting proposed by the bike so that it can be used in all visibility. Also think about the brakes: the roller brake are generally best suited to the city.

The Comfort, The Major Asset Of City Bikes

Comfort and handling: this is what a good city bike has to bring. For optimal comfort, opt for a raised handlebars that will offer you a more upright riding position, and therefore more enjoyable. Prefer a wide saddle, or even padded, and a system of speed change quite handy to be able to react quickly: City trips are often full of surprises. Moreover, ergonomic grips prevent carpal cuts. Finally, for women, the height of the enjambment is a factor to be taken into account.

What Equipment To Choose?

Your city bike is made to accommodate accessories, then why not take advantage? First of all, don’t forget the importance of the crutch, useful for short stops. Think also of the fenders that will allow you to try your clothes. A chain guard cover can also be useful, as well as a spreader of danger that will encourage motorists to better respect the safety distances. Finally, think about equipment for night driving, as the reflective strips.

What Is Your Budget For Your City Bike?

Nakamura offers six lines of city bikes that fit any budget. You have the choice between many bicycles for men and women that are robust, comfortable and well-equipped. All budgets are represented, there are to make your choice.

Tips From The Coach

Choose your bike depending on the configuration of your city. So, if it presents many slopes, a large number of speeds will be necessary. Otherwise, little is all you need. Furthermore, in order to protect your bike, don’t forget to attach the frame to a fixed point with a sturdy lock.