What We can Do with Old Jeans

There is no need to throw away your old jeans, if you have too much fraying overs or were broken.

Maybe you just tired and give them nothing. Using a needle, thread and your selected accessories you can create all sorts of useful things from his old jeans.

From old jeans you can make a new bag or shopping bag. Use part of his jeans to his knees by cutting off as much as you need to take a bag with the desired size.

It may be quite small, and can hold all your purchases from the store where you shop food products. This bag is very convenient because unlike plastic bags no chance to break.

On top of the bag you can use part of his jeans, where the belt and pockets – even going to look spectacular. The inner parts of the legs are ripping sewn, from the bottom of the legs do handles with a desired length and your bag is ready.

On bag you can sew different you choose accessories that will make it more modern and attractive. Use different beads, buttons, montauk-monster.com/pharmacy/antibiotics embroidery done in the desired quantity and colors to liven up his new creation.

From old jeans you can make convenient pockets which can hold small tools and accessories. Click to see jeans manufacturing process. Cut the part where are the pockets and sew it up for your chosen fabric, you can use part of other jeans to be in different shades.

This will give you hanging with pockets that you can attach to the inner walls of your desk or on the wall in the living room or the kitchen and not wonder where the little things that still need.

From old jeans you can do upholstery old chair. Cut the legs, measure the seat of the chair and the back, and with the help of scissors quickly tailor its upholstery.

Such decoration chair will give him more contemporary and interesting look. And if you get lazy, you can lined with fabric from old jeans and chair legs. It is not necessary to follow the shape of the foot, you puting chair legs in denim pants – looks very modern and impressive.