What to Do with Depression During Pregnancy

Nausea, an always pregnant stomach, to great anticipation for the baby: expectant moms connecting with a pregnancy. But what if mingles a deep sadness in the anticipation? Then it may be that it is suffering from a pregnancy depression.

Mood swings are typical of pregnancydue to the change of bath of hormones. Time is the expectant Mommy of best mood, short time later irritable or sad. This is perfectly normal. However, the sadness abounds, it

may be that she is suffering from apregnancy depression . Of them, about 10 percent of pregnant women are affected. In many cases, she goes after a few weeks of alone again away. Because she can be dangerous for mother and baby, but you should know these five things necessarily:

The typical symptoms of pregnancy depression

Mood swings are normal during pregnancy, therefore, a pregnancy depression is quickly overlooked. It is a moment of Frusts and the sadness but very much more than once in a while. Will be aware, if you or an expectant Mommy suffers these symptoms in your environment:

  • persistent depression and sadness
  • Loss of zest for life, have no more pleasure to do things
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • constant thinking, whether it will be a good mother
  • constant worrying about your own health and that of the child

Off to the doctor

Keep the symptoms two weeks and longer on, you should speak with your doctor or midwife about the problems. Pregnancy depression is no reason to be ashamed. It is a disease that must be treated to make it soon back up mother and child.

, By the way: Pregnancy depression is not hormonal, as one might assume. Rather, it is a correct depression, which is triggered by the all changes, which brings the pregnancy with them. Thinking automatically about the future, about their own childhood and this may in women with depression tend to lead to an outbreak of the disease.

Quick help with a pregnancy depression

Lay down the symptoms of pregnancy depression not alone, should be discussed with the doctor about an appropriate therapy. Conversations with a Therapist specialising in this area can be. In addition, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture or Bach flower remedies can help. Long walks, exercise and Yoga also help relieve the symptoms and distribute the sad thoughts.

Also, Antidepressants can be used in severe cases.

Pregnancy depression may harm the baby

Also the baby’s fine the expectant Mama, is fine: what is perfectly in this wisdom. Pregnancy depression should necessarily be treated so that the pregnancy goes as smooth as possible. Untreated, severe depression can lead to developmental delays and preterm delivery.

Also: Pregnancy depression is not treated, she can go on after the birth in a week bed depression. More info here, there

Tips to prevent a pregnancy depression

You can prevent a pregnancy depression, but there are a few behaviors that you reduce the risk:

  • Talk with your partner, friends and family about possible fears.
  • Does not put you under pressure and trying to make everything perfect.The nursery must be completely set up not in the second trimester.
  • Watch on a balanced,healthy diet and enough water to drink ,.
  • Move regularly, the best in the fresh air.
  • Learn a pregnancy yoga class visited relaxation techniques.