What Sleeping Bag to Choose

The most important factor for a sleeping bag is filling, so you have to choose whether to be feather or synthetic. Down is the most effective in terms of the ratio of quantity / temperature. Thanks to its extremely fine particles: down kept very warm air and allows the temperature to be paid at the same time is lightweight and compact. There are only some synthetic fabrics like PolarGuard 3D, LiteLoft, Hollofil, iQuallofil who manage to compete with the qualities of natural fibers. The advantages of synthetic fabrics lie in the fact that they retain their qualities, respectively retain warmth even when wet. Down turn when wet fights became very heavy and lose all thermal properties and drying it becomes extremely difficult task.
The filling would lose its strong qualities without proper style and design of the sleeping bag. Therefore it is very important to the sack is designed qualitative filling is evenly distributed with bulkheads and compartments, leaving no weak spots with cold spots which is achieved by overlapping separate layers.

Then you have to select the type of sleeping bag. Best-in-storage temperature are called. Type Mumia. The design of these bags envelops the body by preventing the temperature distracted. However, some people find these bags too awkward and narrow and prefer wider and free. So head to the right to sack you. The next thing you need to choose a temperature range of a sack. Here, as everywhere there are no universal things. Or will you be too warm in the chilly July evening or during the cold autumn. Decide when you will use most often sleeping bag. For example, winter should head to sack premier-pharmacy.com/product/cymbalta/ temperature range -15? to -40?. The same, however, will not do any work during the summer. And what the temperature range that we’ve all seen on the packaging of bags:

• Upper granitsa- temperature at which a standard man can sleep without sweating when the bag is unzipped and hands were found;

• Comfortable temperature-standard person can sleep normally in a relaxed position;

• Lower granitsa- standard person can sleep in bent position and extra clothing;

• Extreme temperature, you can spend six hours without frost, but with potential consequences; Keep in mind that women are thermophilic men and their temperature limit is about 5? higher than that of men. The sacks are divided and seasons:

• 1 seasonal – Summer • 1-2 season-Late spring-summer-early autumn • 2-3 season-spring-Summer • 3 -4-season Spring-Winter

Here are some tips for what to watch in a sleeping bag:

• The lining is soft and warm and made ??of a different material from cotton to not retain moisture;

• Two-way zipper that allows you to open heard from below for more ventilation in case you warm;

• Internal collar that surrounds the body above the shoulders and allows the temperature to be distracted;

• Bur (often made ??of Velcro) on the ends of the zipper so as not to undo unintentional;

• Zipper is covered with a layer of the bag because it is a weak point and otherwise from there will be releasing temperature;

• The outer fabric of the sleeping bag to be windproof and waterproof (DryLoft is one of the best materials);

• If possible, use an additional lining for sleeping bags to prolong the life of the bag;

• Use a small cushion for enhanced comfort;