What People Most Searched on Yahoo in 2016

We arrived in December! We have at least two certainties that time. The first is that TV Globo will broadcast some special end of year Roberto Carlos which is actually recorded in November. And the second is that the searchers will publish a list of the most searched terms of the year. The Yahoo did it on Tuesday (1), with the 10 most searched words in Brazil.

Without much surprise, the term most searched of the year Yahoo was BBB15. In previous years, the Big Brother Brazil had also been the hottest topic in all seekers: BBB13 and BBB14 were the most searched on Google in 2015 and 2016; in 2014, the reality TV Globo ranked second, second only to “face” when the social network Mark Zuckerberg turned fever in the country.

In the second place among the most sought Yahoo was the US currency, which started the year at R $ 2.70 (at the time we thought the dollar was very high) and even surpassed the R $ 4.20 in October at the height of political and economic crisis. Three issues appear in the top 10: Dilma Rousseff (5) Operation Lava Jet (7) and Petrobras (8).

Other terms that are repeated every year also showed up in the retrospective Yahoo: Enem (3), Brasileirão (6) and Secret Truths (novel Globe, 9th). This is the complete list:

  1. BBB15
  2. Dollar
  3. And either
  4. Cristiano Araujo
  5. Dilma Rousseff
  6. Brasileirão
  7. Operation Lava Jato
  8. Petrobras
  9. Secret truths
  10. Bruna Marquezine

You can check out Yahoo’s retrospective on this page.