What Is the UGR Value?

UGR: Uniform Glare Assessment

UGR stands for “Unified Glare Rating”. This value is an indication of the extent to which light sources of a system cause a diaphragm impression from a specific position of the user. This value is based on specific sizes and is calculated according to a formula of the European EN 12464-1 standard for indoor lighting.

The Meaning Of The UGR Value

Lighting is an often underestimated component within companies and requires more attention. Everyone knows how dangerous glare can be in road traffic, but this also applies to employees in the office. The productivity and the well-being of an employee is strongly influenced by the lighting. The light should be clear, so that employees can do their work, but at the same time not be dazzled. The UGR value is therefore an essential factor in a company. The UGR values ​​are often in the range of 10 (= no glare) and 30 (= very high psychological glare). The lower the UGR value, the lower the psychological glare.

What Factors Play A Role In Determining The UGR Value?

The calculation of the UGR value depends on certain factors. In order to enable a targeted evaluation, the following must be considered:

Shape and size of the room

Surface luminance (luminance), eg of walls, ceiling, floor and other large surfaces

Type of luminaire and shielding

Distribution of luminaires across the room

Position of the viewer

Depending on the difficulty of different tasks and rooms, the following UGR values ​​per application must not be exceeded:

The UGR value differs depending on the work environment and the work carried out. For example, the UGR value in stairs is higher, since less time is spent there and hardly any work is done.

Popular LED Products

According to LedlightsClassified, here are our current LED products from our range. Look for the purchase of loose lamps. The UGR value is partly dependent on the lighting body and, of course, where these are placed.