What is the “Clock”?

Decide for yourself: Which of the 50 sporting and 50 classic models will be the “Clock of the Year 2017”? Choose your personal favorites and win one of 16 valuable models.

Win these precious watches

Desirable, inspiring, irrelevant:In the last year of the year there was something of everything. Now the most successful models are available. Choose your sports watch and watch classic of the year – and win one of 16 valuable watches.

Classic models

Proper restraint

Concentration on the essentials is still the mantra of the watch industry.Seemingly unimpressed by the electronic competition, many models such as declarations of love affect the tradition – and the art of restraint.A lot of steel, clear lines, functionality instead of gimmicky: many watches only reveal their noble origins at second glance.Which is your favorite?You have the choice.

Here you can vote on the classics.

What is the Clock 2

Sporty models

Classic in a robust outfit

The desire to create classic watches is also becoming more important in sports models.Their robustness and functionality, even under extreme conditions that make sports watches so successful, convey them in an ever more subtle way. In this category of watches, the focus was on manhood in the past, and now it is a matter of elegance in sporting garb.Whoever makes the race here, you decide.

What is the Clock 3