What Is Spoken in Korea South on LG G3

If there is a company that has been able to raise the bar for their range of phones during 2013, especially at the top, that is LG. With its G2 Koreans have created an Android device that faces to face with Samsung, without bleaching in any aspect, some would say that otherwise.

Whether we like it more or less, the terminal will have to be renewed, and in South Korea important media such as ZDNet already talk about his replacement, with specifications that we can expect, but which do not cease to call attention.

If we go to the month of August, LG Display showed the world its first panel of 5.5 inch Quad HD resolution, or what is the same, 1440 x 2560 pixels. It was an IPS panel that was going to production in the middle of the year coming, but if you take into account that the Chinese are already on it – live Xplay 3s-, can that Koreans have accelerated the process.

Time for brand new own hardware?

Logically it will remain an Android project, but on LG G3 would be more novelty is by LG display. In a moment in which all – Samsung included – they are fighting for have Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 on their phones, and they will want to do the same with the 805, it is possible that LG debuts its own hardware. It also speaks of a new 16 Megapixel camera, hopefully that number will also be accompanied by quality.

Known until now as Odin, the hardware developed by LG, would be based on licenses that they signed at the beginning of the year with ARM, in which is reflected the use of ARM Cortex-A50 designs. The same fate could also be new tablets of the Korean House, a market that will grow after having settled on the phones.