What Is Reverse Periodization?

As you know, we have collaboration in our blog of professional coach Antonio Pérez, trainer of Catriel Soto and Sergio Mantecón, Top Ten in the MTB World.

This year we will have a weekly post, where you can ask Antonio any questions about training, that if general themes, not be addressed particular questions about planning.

Antonio last year helped us with planning, as you could follow on the blog.
Without we started with some of the questions you have sent to us, and if I may, others own.

Hi Antonio, In Recent Years, Is Changing The Way To Plan The Season, With Respect To Classical Planning Where There Was A First Block Of Base And Then A Specific Training.What Opinion Do You Have In This Regard?

Forget about the concepts of classical periodization on volumes, rest phases, phase volume, etc. That’s history of the world of training.
I understand. Under my experience (learned from the preparers of the SKY), what better today is going start with a reverse periodization in cycling, instead of with a classical phase of volume.

This How?

Very simple, stick a first month doing high-intensity workouts, short careers, training series, accompanied by 1 or 2 days off between series or soft regenerative recce, and lameness (or rather, recuperaras) long before a State of acceptable form.

Once you’ve caught a State of acceptable form, is when you have to put volume sessions to improve your aerobic thresholds. This will allow you to perform a phase of volume much more comprehensive and demanding that ensure you a better performance in the specific phase.
And finally, when you’re close to the competitions, objectives or whatever, is when should get workouts more intense or specific long distance, finally catch the point of form appropriate to what you are going to face.

And, Because Didn’t Do This Last Year?

Maybe because this way of working, i.e. the reverse periodization in cycling, I can only make it with people who have the certainty that has a sports experience, which already faced tough tests and, above all, coming from few months demanding training and this insurance that has a good aerobic capacity. If you try to do a reverse periodization with a beginner, do not get good or joke!

With everything you tell me… how long is necessary to stop between seasons? are you are improved year after year?

Everything you did of course last year serving you! and much (although it is not good to stick too big disconnects).

Forget the rest phases or the about workouts. An Amateur cyclist will hardly above train. For an amateur fatigue usually come in 90% of cases of psychological factors, above all by “being tired of training”. Any athlete. either Elite or amateur, with 7/10 of well-controlled active rest, already retrieves values blood and hormonal acceptable to follow to stop. No need to stop too. Sergio for 3 weeks but more by themes psychological that anything else, in fact we are going to extend the season until the end of November.

So How Can We Plan?

In short, not waste time doing 2 months of filming to low pulsation. It starts with 3 weeks of short, intense workouts and you throw a State so much better, without any danger that then a downturn may come (assure you). The first coaches will be hard, but from the 5th or 6th session already start to feel much better.

More front (November, December), already get exits longer, doing filming by combining long outputs with intercalated series threshold) and for January these perfect for running some of the Navy and not die in the attempt.

And here we end up this week. Thank you so much Antonio for contributing your knowledge.
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