What Is an Umbrella Maker Called

Modern umbrella – something needed in every home. Now he not only allows to hide from the weather, but also an important part of the image of any woman. Contrary to bыtuyushtemu opinion umbrella can be used not only as shelter from the rain, but also help to hide from pesky scorching sun.

History Umbrella

History umbrella comes from the XI tablespoons BC., but that is not known which country was first constructed – China or Egypt. At this point he was a symbol of power, weight fluctuates within 2 kg, and the maximum height is 15 meters.

In the last era, the end of the 80s of last century on the territory of the USSR umbrella is extremely design and is presented in a narrow range of colors, but it was considered a luxury. Today, in an era of innovative technologies umbrella is manifold, there are even models that can track changes over time. In the future, developers plan to release a model with wi-fi internet.

Features of the Umbrella Maker

Now the most popular materials for the production of female folding umbrellas are nylon and nylon. They refer to synthetic waterproof material. There are such kinds of umbrellas:

  • semi-automatic;
  • a car;
  • mechanical.

Umbrellas female full-auto earlier were most susceptible to accidents and damage them but now the frame is made of sturdy metal, and the system itself has predohranitelem of fractures, which saves umbrella from turning in strong wind.

Parasol female semi – that is compact and convenient option, because often such models folded state easily be placed in a woman’s handbag. It is convenient for the fact that, compared to the full machine, it opens in the bag from being accidentally pressed.

Umbrella female mechanical – the best option for sun protection. Very light and miniature.

Umbrella, walking stick maker – stylish model showing nezauryadnosty your preferences. This feature not only saves time but also can serve as a modern and elegant touch in the way.