What is a LASER Printer Drum?

Drum (drum, opc, PCU) is a fundamental part of our laser printer. These based its technology of printing in the electricity electrostatic, the drum rotates on itself same receiving them impacts of the laser that draw on it the image with points electropositive. The toner is loaded electronegativamente, to the turn the drum and pass on the dust of the toner, will attract those particles towards them points designated by the laser. The image will be transferred to paper before going through the drum is loaded electropositivamente which will attract toner particles negative. Being laser printer drums covered with an element with photoconductive properties that will be worn by use, it has a limited shelf life. The cycle of use comes defined usually by a number of sheets printed.


Nowadays we can find two types of drum, according to the manufacturer or brand name of the printer.

1.-drum integrated in the cartridge of toner.

This is the type of drum that will find in the printers of the brand HP, CANON. In these printers for each change we make our laser toner already we will be changing the drum.

  1. separate toner cartridge drum

This is the type of drum found in the brand OKI, BROTHER and some LEXMARK printers. To the be a consumable independent of the cartridge will have to change the drum of our printer for each number of changes of toner that normally already sets them specifications technical of the machine.

Very often our customers present us the following question would drum toner built-in or separate printer?

The answer is not unique. It all depends on the needs of the client, in the use to which the printer is intended for short.

If the client will print little, likely a printer independent of the toner cartridge drum suits you because this circumstance will make that the toner has a lower price, since we are not paying for a drum each time the toner.

If not for customers with a high level of printing, buying toner with integrated drum we would prevent the vast majority of problems and printing defects caused by a drum in poor condition (vertical stripes, spots, etc…) and the duplicity of spare parts.

A laser printer drum is one of the main components of the impression that dictate the quality of the same. If the drum is scratched, marked, soiled, affect the image. For example:

-printing vertical lines indicate drum wear, therefore we will have to change it.

-Vertical discontinuous patches in print tends to indicate that there is any damage in the drum, like a scratch that can be produced by dirt. We recommend cleaning of lint or dirt stuck in the printer. The lint from a poor quality paper can be one of the causes.

-If the page printed out all in black or what should go in black appears in white and to the reverse, indicates a defect in the drum that them loads are responding of form different.

And remember that any cartridge of ink, toner, drum or other consumable in the market, can find you it in I Impreco. Also put at your disposal a service and advice which will clarify you any doubt technically have with respect to your printer or consumables.