What Do The Downhill?

Downhill (DH) is called “descent” in french. This is one of the best-known mountain biking disciplines. She is to go down, as soon as possible, of the steep slopes which are previously arranged to be dotted with obstacles such as roots, rocks, jumps, and cant…

The downhill speed is particularly high, so much so that runners in such a discipline commitment must be optimal to avoid all risk of injury and, of course, to improve their performance.

The Characteristics Of Downhill Mountain Biking

Given the particularities of the discipline that requires both a real nervousness, stability and maneuverability, the downhill mountain biking have characteristics that away them from the classic MTB and bring close them sometimes Motocross. Indeed, the two hallmarks of the downhill are resistance and suspension. Lightness is also an asset should not be overlooked. Unlike cross-country, downhill mountain bikes are filled two suspension for more travel and more robustness. Moreover, the mountain biking downhill, often in aluminum or carbon, box a geometry very singular, in order to meet the demands of this sport. Finally, the brakes are hydraulic disc and are larger than those of the cross-country.

Choose His Downhill MTB

Before choosing his downhill MTB, campingship reminds you that you need to determine both your needs and your level of practice. Be aware that the downhill is a discipline that requires good physical condition and especially a practice prior the ATV, generic lipitor buy whether on the road or cross country for example. Once this has been said, it is also important to know that in recent years have seen the differences in performance between different downhill bikes shrink and today, even the entry-level bikes allow some impressive bursts of speed. However, if you are looking for performance and efficiency, you need rather find you a very physical ATV that will allow an optimal precision. If you prefer practice of downhill as a hobby, opt for an ATV handier and more comfortable but who won’t stop to make beautiful jumps.

What Equipment To Choose?

The downhill is a practice at risk, we must leave very well equipped. If you are going to ride on tracks, never forget to wear a full-face helmet paired with glasses of ATV. Need you also gloves and protections at the elbows, forearms, shoulders, hips, knees, spine, and Shins. In case of shock, these protections will be essential.

What Is Your Budget For A Downhill?

Mountain bikes downhill being very specific, their price is generally quite high. You will find ranges from €1,000 entries, but prices are rising fast. The top of the range can reach €11 000.

Tips From The Coach

Mountain biking downhill is a discipline where the pilot must be versatile, both very physical but also accurate in its maneuvers. A good warm-up will be very useful if you are looking for performance.