What Are the Best False Eyelashes?


The glue for false eyelashes scares you? Never fear, though applying it is very easy thanks to a little ‘practice, the cosmetic companies think too! That’s because the adhesive fake eyelashes, with self-adhesive end that adheres better to the eyelid without the need for other products. Just detach the false eyelashes from the base to apply them in a moment, and voila, you’re done!

Adhesive False Eyelashes

This category includes three references signed Eylure (price 11 euro) as the 117 Texture, dramatic effect or bulking 070. Very nice also the adhesive false eyelashes Revlon Flirty (price about 10 EUR), without latex and this reduced risk of allergic reactions.


Love false eyelashes but do not have time to wear them as often as you want? You can find a valuable ally in fake eyelashes mascara effect! Again cosmetic houses will offer many, and that’s why we decided to group in the article on the false eyelashes of our absolute favorites. This way you will know about what mascara orient end eyelashes effect to your daily look without giving up a spectacular effect!

L’Oreal Paris Fake Eyelash Superstar (price € 12.99) is a two fake eyelashes mascara effect in a white base useful to thicken and give large volume to lashes. Always of the French brand, but it characterized by a pipe cleaner Original reminiscent of a butterfly’s wings instead L’Oreal Paris Eyelashes Wings Butterfly (price € 18.95) which concentrates the volume in the outer part of the eye, creating a look alone.

How then not to mention the legendary Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara (price 17,50 €)?He has a big brush but compact synthetic fiber that makes very black lashes, long and voluminous, smudge-proof. Among the best fake eyelashes mascara effect absolutely are also Mascara Pupa Vamp!, available in many colors, which has the advantage of being very full-bodied and give for this spectacular volume to lashes. Last but not least, it is then the mascara Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils (costs 31.95 €) a favorite mascara and sold to the world for its amazing a generic for lipitor fake eyelashes effect be able to leave the soft and very black eyelashes long.


Then dedicated to those who want a dramatic touch, here are the bulking fiber eyelash! How to apply? Simply, after applying the first coat of your favorite mascara, you can apply these small ‘hairs’ synthetic with the applicator, identical to that of the classic mascara. For optimal effect it is necessary to buffer the product on the lashes without pulling, taking care to concentrate the fibers to the base and may decrease in concentration towards the end. Then you ‘seal’ the fibers with a new coat of mascara. The effect is simply unique!

Among our volumizing fibers of the heart eyelashes are in first place the famous Paola P Exender Lash (costs 26.90 €), the first product of this kind available in Italy, the effect super intense. The same concept however, but paired with a special mascara, is the Extensions Mascara Phisicians Formula (price 20 euro).

E ‘rather low cost of the proposal Essence Volumizing Lash Powder (price about 3 euro) while it is more luxurious variant  Cil Prodige Lash Extension Nouba (price 30 €).


Where can I buy fake eyelashes? Obviously it depends on the brand. The eyelashes Make up for ever or Urban Decay can be found in Sephora perfume or on the web site on this page. False eyelashes Essence can be found in stores that sell the brand as OVS, Coin, Footwear & Shoes, Acqua & Sapone, Lillapois. The eyelashes Eylure or Ardell found in Capellopoint stores or online websites that sell makeup as  Asos, look  at this page where there are also accessories and glues.False eyelashes Illamasqua, Stargazer and Paperself are on their online shop or in specialized shops and perfumeries that sell these brands. False eyelashes Kiko instead you can buy here.

Use false eyelashes? You like them? With this article we wanted to gather for you the best false eyelashes on the market, as well as alternatives to have beautiful eyelashes.

Let us know what you think and remember that for a perfect application of false eyelashes need a lot of practice, also when treated with care eyelashes can be reused many times!