Wedding Table Decorations-Pictures

Marriage is one of the most special moments in the life of a couple and should be celebrated with a party to remember. An occasion as important as this cannot remain without a celebration involving the family and the main friends. To perform a wedding reception some factors must be taken into consideration as: clothing, menu, location, decor and music, among others. Every detail must be carefully trapalhado so that the chances of something going wrong. The decoration is indeed one of the most striking things and causes the party to be remembered for the rest of my life and so should be chosen carefully.

One of the elements that more delight the guests during the ceremony are the tables. These demanded a special job because they occupy the largest part of the party. To decorate wedding tables you can hire a decorator or else trying to do the decoration for yourself. Before you start the decoration of wedding tables make sure all are properly cleaned and distributed, in such a way as not to spoil the guests to get around. To decorate them it is necessary to make a choice of main color for towels and the arrangements follow this pattern.

For all the tables, we recommend adding first a white towel and another over the chosen color can be green, red, blue, and among others, or if you prefer to leave only the white. The arrangements should be, choose arrangements not too big nor too small, the ideal is that the arrangement does not spoil the guests before the table during the meal. Don’t forget that the flower arrangements should follow the standard color chosen and should be placed in glass vases with a little water. You can rent these arrangements or tables, is even cheaper than buying all the materials and make them. You can also make a decoration following the season, would be pretty cool, for the winter, for example, use plenty of candles on the tables in a safe way, you can use candles and towels should be in ochres and warm; for spring you should use enough colors, bet on various flowers and fruits; for summer use towels to warm colors and floral arrangements of tropical flowers; autumn station decorate the tables with arrangements with sunflowers, which will give a country air, or branches, mosses and lichens.

To decorate the main table of the marriage, that is, the table will be the cake, some care must be taken. First check if the size of the table meets the size of the cake and the amount of sweets without you getting tight, if not, it is advisable that if you provide another. The flower arrangements cannot be too large, since this will be a table that the movement will soon be common. Follow the tones of the decor that you used in the other tables. Put some floral arrangements, candles and rose petals on the floor around the table. The cake should be placed in the Centre and sprinkle the candies around. You can make candy pyramids with glass holders, just search that you find for rent. One thing that is being used enough in weddings today are the trees of candles that can be placed one or two in the main table.