Water Bottle of the Future

Water occupies 75% of the Earth’s surface, which because of this and call the blue planet. As a result, a large presence around us we take water for granted, but in reality, around it there are many unknown facts and situations.


Typical water are called. anomalies which it exhibits in relation to the physical and less than the chemical properties. It could say that without the existence of these anomalies of water would not be possible life on Earth; the effect can be explained by the so-called. quantum field of water.

The most famous concept that all associated with water is called ”memory of water”. This issue has been widely discussed by Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto in his book ‘the Message from the Water‘, which has been translated into many languages.

The water molecule is a dipole i.e. there are two poles, therefore, the individual water molecules are associated with one another.

Experiments show that the individual pieces of information can be transmitted through water using mechanical force (mehanogenno) or by an electric field (electrogenic). The most widespread method is mehanogenniyat in homeopathy. Electrogenic method is carried out by means of a weak electric field. This method is explained with knowledge of quantum physics. Each water molecule has its own quantum field that affects the molecule itself by protons and other quasiparticles. The information is transferred to the water as a result of strong excitation of these particles in an electric field; Information change the fundamental state of quantum electromagnetic field of the water.

Water molecules tend to form formations called: water clusters. Binding of individual molecules is through weak hydrogen bonds by the action of the forces of Van der Wals. These formations in the water are usually quite large and diffuse.

By technology for the transmission of information, organization of water clusters change. They become smaller and acquire hexagonal shape. These structures are characterized by a low surface tension, whereby water can flow more quickly and efficiently in the cells of our body.

Living water from Flaška due to discoveries of people who are intensively engaged in the study of water. Their innovation lies in the fact that they use an already-known technology in a product which is most convenient. With Flaska, we always carry the fountain of living water.

Living Water is a phrase that causes attention. There is no precise definition of living water, but often can be observed the following characteristics:

– Stronger energy field (can be measured)

– A lower redox potential (can be measured)

– Water clusters (entities) are smaller and arranged in hexagonal form (photographing water crystals as possible)

– Lower genotoxicity of water (demonstrated through Allium test)

We use plastic bottles because they are convenient and can be bought everywhere. Music purchased plastic bottle sometimes used several times filled with water or dr.technost, but sooner or later discarded.

Every time you use The Flaska, you save three liters of water and a quarter liter of oil – which are needed to produce one plastic water bottle.

Flaška a different water bottle. It is our personal bottle designed for daily use at home, at work, in the car or during sports. It can be used fully for several years and with each day that use Flaška we contribute a lot for the environment.

For Your Health

Plastic bottles release harmful substances (antimony, bisphenol A (BPA), considered as “endocrine disrupter” and others.) Into the water. Glass is the best material for the storage of drinking water.Let’s use it!


Using reusable bottles, you can contribute to reducing the amount of plastic waste generated, and at the same time can reduce your own carbon footprint.



With Flaška you drink water with better quality and will save money because tap water is 250 to 1,000 times cheaper than bottled.

Especially Informed Glass

The glass contains 71% silicon in which information is printed using a special device. The information is transmitted through the quantum field of water. This technology greatly improves the water quality (lower genotoxicity, lower surface tension and a low value of the redox potential). Water clusters become smaller and more streamlined – 5 minutes tap water is transformed into living water. Moreover, it is found that the structure of water is similar to that of pure spring water and becomes softer and pleasant taste.

Drinking water from plastic bottles is unfavorable for our health and for the environment. Solution to these problems gives the bottleThe Flaška , which is designed for daily and reusable.

Using Flaška, you drink better quality water and save money, since tap water is 250 to 1,000 times cheaper than bottled. In some cases, tap water having the same, and sometimes better quality than bottled.

Flaska no ordinary bottle; it is bottle information. If you pour into it, plain tap water after five minutes it changes and becomes a so-called. living water. Scientists have discovered that the water looks like a pure, mountain spring water in structure and is significantly softer taste.

At first glance, all this seems incredible, but in fact the technology of “informed water” just apply the discoveries of quantum physics. The glass contains 71% silicon in which information is transmitted through a special device developed in Germany. All this has a positive effect on water. Water clusters begin to organize (arranged) differently and improve water qualities – closer to spring in structure and characteristics.

The information is transmitted through the quantum field of water. This technology greatly improves the quality of the water (less genotoxicity of water, lower the surface tension of water, a lower redox potential).

In our bio shop you can choose your bottle of structuring water between The Flaska the Classic and The Flaska the Neo with a capacity of 0.33 l, 0.50l and 0.75l.

The bottle is placed in a protective case made of natural cotton or neoprene; are possible over 10 color combinations.