Wardrobe of a Pin Up Girl

The modern pin-up style does not directly demonstrate the sensuality of a woman, but only hints at it very easily. This style is one of the most aesthetic and great ways to underline your femininity and charm without being provocative.
To understand the origin of the pin-up style, I would like to go back to the 30s of the last century. At that time this direction was created by the seductive posters of beautiful models, which were not seldom stapled to walls. Pin up.

One of the style icons of the pin up style is, of course, Marilyn Monroe, who mastered the art of skillfully combining clothing and accessories in the pin-up style and putting it into scene. She used her own perfect and graceful attitude, her beautiful curves and her special character, which perfectly matched the pin-up image. Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Ava Gardner are further examples of the icons of the pin up style.
In the modern world, the celebrity scene around stars and starlets again finds great interest in the good old pin-up style. Scarlett Johansson, Dita Von Teese use the advantages that the retro style has to offer us to create your image.
The first thing to look out for is modern chic and glamour, typical of the pin up style of our time. Then there’s the wardrobe. The most important elements of a pin up lady’s wardrobe are the following:
– Emphasized silhouette: Regardless of your choice of clothing, you should emphasize your character and draw attention to the details.
– According to vintageinconfidential, accent on the waist:the main pin up accents are placed on the waist. If your figure is like an hourglass, of course you’re lucky. If not, you should work with accessories such as belts to achieve this effect, or use suitable  vintage corset-clothes.
– Décolleté:Is one of the most important elements of the pin-up style. Of course, one should not forget that everything in the outfit should be balanced. For example, do not choose an open top if you wear short shorts or a skirt.
As far as the color palette is concerned, the pin up style allows all shades, whether colourful or pastel colors. Rose, red, white, yellow and blue have a preferred position. For the pin up style are also prints/patterns, such as Karo, polka dot up to floral prints very typical, which expands the variety of motives and possibilities of clothing eerily.
A rich rock:this point is one of the most important details, which makes it possible to make the waist thinner visually. If you have wide hips, you can wear a pencil  vintage skirt with a high waist and a tight top.
– Dress:This garment, without which a pin up girl would be unimaginable. There are different silhouettes to choose from: From a dress to a tightly adhered pencil vintage  dress. Pin Up girls put on accents like a waist with colour belts or loops. You can also wear monochrome dresses with colour accessories, e.g. black dress with red shoes and a bag in red.
-Tops and blouses with a deep neckline, for example, in the shape of a piece.
-Jacket and cardigans:short cardigans or jackets can be worn with jeans as well as on a dress, so as to bring even more elegance into the look.
-Shorts:Shorts may not be too short, you can also take wide shorts with envelope or with large handbags and buttons.
-Trousers and jeans:should be close to the ankle. You can combine them with tops and blouses, but also with cardigans and jackets. Of course See contrast
Shoes great with this look.