Wall Sticker Art Decor 2016

In recent years, trends in design and interior of the house are inextricably linked with wall stickers. More and more designers recommend the residents of modern homes, rather than cover the walls with wallpaper to decorate with wall decals.

Time passed murals, wall stickers but have them in all colors, sizes and shapes, as with them easily and cheaply to make big changes in your home or room. But even they have fashion trends that designers follow. Here are the latest trends in wall stickers.

Stickers – Graphics

Years ago, they were relatively unpopular but lately graphic wall decals are extremely relevant. This type models are suitable for teen rooms, offices, graphic studios, even student halls. Nothing stimulates better thinking than any philosophical thought or ancient wisdom, proverb or other message. With a clean design they have another advantage – they can be placed virtually anywhere – hallway, office, public building and others. And especially – are ideally suited for any type of wall, and every color as offered on Technology-wiki.com.

Stickers – paintings

Trends indicate that the stickers for nursery gaining more popularity. A small branch with a bird on it glued to the window, instantly refreshes space. Particularly, this applies to the office where you spend most of the day, you want to feel good. In this room you do not need a colorful and decorative wall sticker and monochrome painting and minimalist design. Remember, the most important is primarily the idea.

In the living room you can use a similar sticker instead of wallpaper. If you do not have pictures, you can deploy a similar picture over the chair, couch, or decorate the walls of the library. An owl perched on a branch just above the bookshelf, act really inspiring and creative.
In the bedroom or nursery can also position the attractive any application over the bed. Especially if you do not wish to or wallpaper mural painting. A sticker will refresh the space and will add personality to the room. Something even painted canvas hard you can make.

Advantages of Wall Stickers

The stickers offer a lot more freedom in organizing the rooms in your home. They can be changed quickly and easily, so if you are not satisfied with them, you can just download them and choose another motive that more you like. If you do not live in their own home and rent, they are especially convenient for those who rent a building, so that their placement can protect walls from damage. Sometimes we know that certain areas, such as nursery often hurt rather than children’s hands with pen or pencil most commonly affected are the walls. If you do not want your guests to see the works of your little Picasso, one way to save repainting is by covering the walls with stickers. You can comply with the wishes of the child and bet stickers with his favorite characters.

For them, a particularly large selection of motifs: floral and animal elements, characters from your favorite cartoon or picture frame in which the child can stick your favorite pictures on the wall. Depending on the color and style of furniture, select the stickers that will distract and give a cozy atmosphere of the room.