Vult Cosmetics: Polish Collection!

I realize that I and all my readers are passionate for glazes huhuuu due to the large success of the drawing I did of 28 enamels Vult Cosmetics, decided to put here all the details and show the colors for you. The bottle is very beautiful. Have the little Butterfly embossed brand and also on the lid. The packaging is very tasty anatomical to hold while enamel.

Each glass is 8 ml of product. Between red, blue, green, metallic and white, there are options for all tastes. Separated by groups to take pictures and show more in details so you can have an idea of how each color. The enameling is very tasty, I must say I was surprised with drying, which was super fast and gave no ball.The glow was intense and pigmentation was great. To clear it wasn’t hard either. As I said, in my nail enamel never does, but what I’ve been through some lasted longer than normal. The pin cel still ofer ece tec nolo gia Big Brush, with inter in cer of the cutaway is rounded and with a vol ume of 900 – car ac wiring terís you cas per made to evi tar many layers of pro duct on the nails and easy i tar the esmal tation at the corners. According to whitehallmakeup, that’s a lot of modernity for a cosmetic product, right girls?!

As you might notice I spent only two layers with them and had a perfect cover, most of them already well covered in the first layer, but I always like to ensure passing the two … Actually they hit the applicator, for being round and have fairly bristles, application of nail polish is a lot easier, and the results are the ones that you will see in the video right down here. My note to Vult is 10, but certainly I would give a lot more, they shot in all, application, Beauty of colors, beauty of jars, quality … What I went through was the color Left Ballad, is a metallic blue quite different and quite dark, I have no color like that and loved it. For those who like dark blue Nail Polish well, this is wonderful. You can find the best beauty products shops of your city! If you’re a “shopkeeper” and wants to sell Vult cosmetics, comes into contact with the New Face Distributor out site, there only sells wholesale right folks! If you do not find these glazes in the beauty shop from your town, talk to the responsible for it run after these enamels because they are all good even my genty.