Vocabulary of Shoes

Have you ever had since you think why shoes have specific names? Or are there many varieties of shoes? I Yes and to clarify doubts, I was researching about them.

I found so much information, that it would be difficult to summarize it in a post, and to share it with you, I have split it in two. Now I’ll show you the first part and I hope you like it as much as I.


This type of shoe appeared in Scotland, but became very famous in Oxford University, approximately in the 19th century, because the students used it for all occasions.

Currently there are many types, from classic smooth leather to heel and platform.

You can create a casual look with the Dark 01 and combine it with a short dress or build a hipster look using the Venere 02 with a look of jean skinny jeans and your favorite blouse.

Peep toe

The peep toe, they are shoes that reveal the tip of the first two fingers of the foot and can be high-heel, flat or wedge. These shoes became well known in the 1950s, thanks to the fact that many Hollywood actresses used them in films that starred.

Currently, this type of shoe, remains symbol of elegance and sophistication since it always will make the foot look stylish.

Weapon a formal look with the 09 Caroline, using dress pants and a fresh blouse or creates a combination sophisticated with the 08 Caroline and a cocktail dress.

Mary jane

These shoes were created in the 16th century, especially young children learn to walk, some time later, in the 20th century, women of the time used them with a light cue to dance since the belt facilitated the movement of the foot. At that time, he was baptized as Mary jane, since there was a comic book character that always used.

After some changes, currently the Mary Jane style is still used, some with stiletto, platform, square taco or taco.

Use a casual outfit with Natalie 18, combine them with a skirt on a blouse, and A court also can assemble a formal look with the wood 13 and use them with pants dress up to go to work.


Kitten shoes were used in the 1950s by girls who were learning to walk in tacos, since they have two or three centimeters in height and are very comfortable.

Currently they are also known as low stiletto heel since they have the same shape in tip than normal stilettos.

It creates looks vintage with the Marcia 01 by combining them with a dress at court or with a straight Pant waist and your favorite blouse.


These shoes were used in rural areas of Northern Europe and were specifically made from wood, to protect the foot of mud or flood.

Today is still used this model of shoe but with certain variations, is not of wood but of leather or PU, they also have different details such as belts or brooches and soles may vary according to the taco or design.

Weapon a fall with the Lucia 01 look to use them with a short dress and pantyhose with a design or a jean skinny pants with a blouse maxi.


Wedge shoes are light and delicate wedge and you can find them in spring or winter models like the chamois leather or PU material. This type of footwear refines the foot also are very comfortable for walking despite the size of the wedge.

It creates looks rockers with the girl 04 when used with a short skirt and a jacket or weapon a casual with the Cozy 01 outfit by combining them with pants jean and your favorite sweater.

T Strap

The T – Strap is a type of very similar to the Mary jane shoe but the peculiarity of having a strip that crosses T shaped, these shoes became known in the 1920s because of the ease to mobilize the foot.

Currently the model may vary according to the taco square, pointed or low.

For a romantic look, use the Dalila 17 with a simple cut dress and an outfit for semi formal combines Kendra 21 with a peplum blouse and trousers.

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