Vintage Handbags Military Male Atelier De L ‘ ArmÉE

Men’s vintage purses of the Atelier de l’ Armée are made in a small workshop in Amsterdam, from recycled material coming usually fromold military equipment, after all, if they are made to face a war, can survive the jungle of stone of today’s metropolises.

Contrary to what you may indicate appearance and the old stuff, the bags comes not from any thrift store or ancient craftsmen workshop post World War veterans, the proof is in the Pocket strategically installed to accommodate your smartphone or notebook part, still, I must admit: the patina on canvas used in the outer covering of a few pieces have an undeniable vintage charm.

By making use of recycled material selected, which was, during the years, subjected to wear and tear, discoloration, scratches and even identifying marks as stamps and badges, each bag of the Atelier de l’ Armée is numbered, making it truly unique, something that obviously reflected in the price, with some specimens reaching cost almost 400 euros, but many may say that this is the cost of owning a unique piece.

Another quality of the brand is the diversity of models, ranging from the traditional tote bag backpack, with numerous variations, in addition to the wealth of details which may include pockets, metal buttons, leather or rope handles, eyelets and laces, combined with variety of materials including canvas, leather, cotton and denim, resulting in a real party for who is a fan of natural raw materials and avoid synthetics.