Viddy: Camera Without Lens

It may seem strange but photography was born with equipment that had no lenses: The image was projected on the background of a dark room through a small hole. The light reflected from each point of the object framed entered the camera through this hole, was going to hit the sensitive material to light, forming a small spot that represents the point on the object.

All of these bright spots, meeting and overlapping marginally , thus forming the final image.

Today we are in the digital age to retrace this path may seem a matter of fashion or contrast, but as long as it helps us learn and discover the basic principles that underlie all phenomena of light transmission is fine there.

Anyone wishing to try their hand in the construction of an appliance pinhole can find many online guides (eg this ). If you want a (beautiful) covered almost ready (only to be fitted), we mark Viddy: no, not the app , but the beautiful machine and high educational potential created by the British designer Kelly Angood and launched a few months ago on Kickstarter.

After some finishing touches that have responded to feedback received during the campaign of crowdfunding this small concentration of creative potential it is now distributed by the company of Angood, The Pop-Up Pinhole Co.

Made of recycled paper and screen printing Viddy mounts easily in less than 30 minutes and without glue – as evidenced by the video below here – and is compatible with 35mm or medium format film. In short, a perfect gift for fans of photography – which makes learning the basics – and do it yourself!

These are some examples of what you can do with Viddy: