Victims of September 11 Are the Flags of Honor

Since yesterday, around 3000 flags are flown at Battery Park, in lower Manhattan, next to where once stood the twin towers. They are around an artist Fritz Koenig sculpture called “The Sphere” (the ORB), which was at the entrance of the World Trade Center complex for 30 years and was moved to the Park in 2002.

Who is approaching realizes that these are not traditional flags of the United States. Each of the thirteen stripes have names of people killed in the attacks of September 11 2001.

These flags, called “Flag of Honor”, were created by engineer John Michelotti, who decided to remember the victims using a national icon. “These people were killed because they were Americans,” says the architect. “So, should be remembered by a symbol of the United States”.

Another banner honors just who died in service during the attacks, as firefighters and police officers. This flag was called a “Flag of Heroes”. The names are written in red stripes.

Manufactured by Annin Flagmakers, who claims to be the oldest manufacturer of Labarum in the USA, these tributes can be purchased on the site Flag of Honor. They measure 91 cm x 152 cm and costs $19.95. The profit is distributed among 12 institutions and goes to a fund that has distributed 300,000 free flags to relatives of the victims, police stations and Government agencies and Government leaders. The idea is not to let the victims of the bombings are not forgotten.

The site offers the possibility to search for a name on each banner in an expanded version. Another interesting detail is the Page of shame, which lists retailers who bought flags and hasn’t paid the debt.