Vibram Fivefingers FAQ

You can expect to get many questions when you use Vibram FiveFingers. Any notice them, and there is really nothing strange about it. Five Fingers is a revolution in the footwear industry. Below, we address some issues that often arise in connection with these special shoes, which hopefully can help you to understand the function and purpose of them.

Why should I use a Shoe That Does not give My Feet Under?

Were you born with running shoes on your feet? No, exactly. The body has all the blocking and the stability it needs from our feet, as long as we do not let the feet become lazy and inactive. There is a risk that this will happen if you consistently continue to use running shoes cushioning to your body where your feet placed in an unnatural angle.

Can I use Fivefingers in the Gym?

FiveFingers are ideal for workouts at the gym. They give you excellent traction on a variety of surfaces. Another great advantage is the flat sole that lets you get maximum ground contact, which is preferred for strength training with free weights. You’ll also know how versatile and flexible they are to move in.

Can I use Fivefingers in water?

According to, FiveFingers gives excellent grip in wet conditions, and they dry quickly. This makes them very suitable for use in connection with sailing, windsurfing or fishing.

As the FiveFingers Often Used Barefoot, Smelling Them?

Yes, they do, just like the rest of your exercise equipment do if you do not wash it. Your FiveFingers, you can wash in the washing machine on a gentle, warm applications. After that hangs just them up to dry and they are ready for use the next day. You can also use Injini socks to reduce smell.

How Long Does a pair of Five Fingers?

Runners have brought the log over 1,000 mil in its FiveFingers, albeit not in a race as far as we know. FiveFingers are equipped with Vibram sole that is a very durable outsole and you will notice that the shoes last longer than you think. So do not be afraid to use them!