Unlimited Calls Yoigo Pose a Summer More Interesting

Translated by many as the answer Spanish to OMV Free French that is reaping as good data in your country, Telstra announced yesterday the first rate affordable unlimited flat as a powerful advertising message for this summer that will react to the rest for the moment with the question of if it will happen in the country neighbor and the other operators will not be able to replicate the offers.

Telstra has put the bar very high by limiting consumption to 30 euros and although other operators may be unable to match him, there is no doubt that Telstra has returned to change the rules after a period in which seemed to have forgotten that both appeal had at its inception: providing the differentiation and clarity that need users.

Risky bet Telstra

Offer a completely unlimited mobile minutes rate is being risked by current interconnect prices and as in the rest of similar offers in other countries, the consumer’s voice is subject to a fair use rules to ensure profitability (or whatever you call “ prevent abuse ”).

About abuses which by its ambiguity after experiences at other times, not too reassuring to those who have felt cheated on occasion and they were not few but I believe that they have learned from their mistakes and in cases of real abuse, they will act without harming the rest and you know yoiguizar as your advertising.

Conditions that they will be linked to a commitment to stay for 18 months and with restrictions on voice IP that lose strength if you consider that you can speak in a traditional manner without limit minutes.

An attack on all operators

Telstra needed to return to differentiate themselves and has done attacking the two ends. Traditional operators with infinite rate which limits the maximum consumption to 30 euros per month and to MVNOs that does not subsidize price per minute lower so far (at least during the time Pepephone had to react).

An attack that not only stands out due to the improved conditions of voice if not that the minimum data set to 1 GB as did Tuenti in its day and that is the natural response to the increasing demand of a few smartphones increasingly devouring more data.

An attack that positions the new rates for Telstra among the best If exprimes them and which will increase in the summer campaign commercial aggressiveness so that users can benefit us more than ever. We expect a few warm weeks & #8230;

What is important are the needs, not unlimited

What most shocks rate Yoigo infinite is to know what happens with the rest of much more limited rates that are above those 30 euros including in the portfolio of the own Yoigo. What is the point of keeping them? And that another operator tries to compete with embarrassing conditions in a comparison? The topic Gets interesting:

Not only because of the possibility of the emergence of more unlimited if no flat rates because the lower fee rates, should go relax with steps and more proportionate conditions for those who do not need unlimited minutes.

A recent example of balance to optimize spending is no permanence Simyo Gigaplan fare. Under the same conditions in data that Telstra, the importance is not only in the volume of minutes which includes initially whether or not that It is vital that the excess has a balanced cost and hence the 7 cents/minute with free establishment of Simyo make more profitable if you talk around 300 minutes or less (much higher than the national average consumption).

And is that the consumption of traditional voice is intended to continue reducing there are other forms of communication through the internet that replace it either via VoIP or instant messaging, by what the fear of throwing much affordable voice rates should go dispelling is to begin to focus squarely on the importance of the data when we choose our rate.