Understanding Emotions in Postpartum

The baby blues is an emotional state that results from mood swings related to childbirth, associated with symptoms such as crying easy, irritability, fatigue, anxiety and tension. Learn more about what causes and care.

The baby blues is a term related to the biggest change brought by the birth. Is described as a passing phase of adaptation to maternal role. Can be defined as a condition that results from mood swings related to hormonal and metabolic reorganization of the experience of childbirth, according to researcher Rita light.
Symptoms and influence factors
The baby blues checks to smaller immediate capacity woman take your role as a mother right after birth, dealing with symptoms like: cry easy, irritability, fatigue, anxiety and tension, insomnia and loss of appetite.
“Women are very sensitive and there’s something about skin deep», emphasises the researcher Rita light. «Why not feel (super) happy, end up feeling guilty , refers to the researcher.
The hospital stay and the tiredness of childbirth and newborn care also interfere with the mother‘s emotional state. On the other hand, many times, the very personality of baby «desajuda» parents in learning tasks, Rita Light as there are still newborns that take longer to adjust the sonos, colic, feeding, creating difficulties in adapting to the couple’s baby and vice versa.
In short, “sometimes things are not as easy as I would have imagined, so it is so important that the father be included since pregnancy, for this stage to be with his mother and support it in the tasks», adds Rita light.
Incidence studies estimate that 50 to 80% of recent mothers has what the techies call baby blues, situation that occurs in healthy women, physically and psychologically.
Although visibly tired, there are mothers who have shown to be quiet after the childbirth. «Have a concept of themselves as being more efficient, have greater security and are available to deal with unforeseen situations», even recognizing that need help for pregnancy from technicians, explains Rita light, editor of Babyinger.