Unclean Skin: the 7 Best Home Remedies

Even long after puberty many women have to fight with impure skin, pimples and blackheads. Before you go to a doctor or beautician, try these 7 effective home remedies against bad skin.

Many beauty advisers propose to visit a professional with bad skin directly. In doing so often already tried tried and tested house recipes, which help wonderfully against annoying impurities.We have put together seven simple tips and tricks that successfully combat red pimples and unsightly blackheads in the face:

1. Natural peeling with healer

According to floralamakeup, healer has already been used as a care makeup product in antiquity. You can buy the powder in the drug store or in the pharmacy. Stirred with water in the ratio 7: 2, an antibacterial mask is created, which you can apply to the impure parts.

On drying, the soil absorbs dirt and dandruff, and the skin is enhanced by the high mineral content.After 20 to 30 minutes, the mask should be rinsed with plenty of water.

2. Combat bad skin with zinc

Zinc has antiseptic properties and can have an anti-inflammatory effect when used regularly.Zinc preparations in tablet or powder form are available in all drugstores and pharmacies.

Caution: The use of zinc preparations should first be clarified with the family doctor, because an overdose can lead to nausea and, in case of emergency, to health damage.

3. Toothpaste – not just for the teeth

Toothpast can help dry out pimples.Simply apply a polish to the pimple and let it act.

Caution: This method is not suitable for all skin types.If your skin is already very dry, toothpaste could deprive you of even more moisture and aggravate the problem.

4. Can it be a drop of tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is also available in drugstores and pharmacies and dries annoying pimples and blackheads naturally. In addition, tea tree oil affects inflammation.Apply to the impure skin before going to bed and let it soak overnight.

Disadvantage:Tea tree oil has a very intense smell which can be felt as unpleasant.

5. Yeast against bad skin

Already in the Middle Ages, yeast was used as a beauty product.Yeast promotes the regeneration of healthy skin cells.It can, for example, be taken in the form of tablets or capsules.

Advantage:Yeast also ensures a lively digestion and powerful hair.

6. Relaxation steam bath for skin and soul

Cause of a bad skin are often clogged pores.A steam bath opens it, the drainage of sebum is made possible and new impurities are bled.

Here’s how:For a steam bath you heat some water in a pot and hold your previously well-cleaned face over the steaming water. You usually add an essential oil or a natural ingredient.The classic is chamomile, since it has an anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect.Simply throw a few tea bags or a handful of dried camomile blossoms into the hot water and let the tea briefly before you start the steam bath.

Tip:To increase the effect, you can put a towel over your head.

Caution: The steam can be very hot.Therefore, check carefully whether the temperature is in the acceptable range.

7. The A and O in the case of impure skin

Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene! Use a different towel for cleaning your face skin than for your body and hands.Also, you should change this at least once a week to prevent new impurities.Also your head pillow cover can be responsible for impure skin, therefore change regularly, preferably also weekly.

In general:too much or wrong care – that means care with greasy or oily products damages the skin.The reason:The natural regulation is disturbed by wrong care, which favors further impurities.

If your pimples and blackheads do not improve despite the regular use of our tips, we recommend you make an appointment with your dermatologist.This can determine whether the impure skin is possibly morbid and if necessary choose a drug-based approach.