UCI Professional Cycling Calendar 2015

In 2015, a Topcompetition Cycling is organized in the Netherlands. That fits the bill for this competition? Which teams participate in Topcompetitie 2015? During the period 1988-2004, there was also a Topcompetition Cycling in the Netherlands.What is the history of the league expired?


The top competition was established in 1988 by the National Federation. The competition consisted of a number of Dutch top competitions for amateurs. At the top of the competition was the best amateur teams in the Netherlands: the sponsor teams, national sample, district selection and the best club teams. Main sponsor was AMEV and price bears the poetic name “the AMEV Bloom Planters Trophy. Initially, this race had only one team classification, a few years later would also be an individual classification come there.
The top competition was very prestigious, and often there were also plenty of attention in the media for the best tournament matches. for many years there were games designed for this competition, extensive summaries television NOS Studio, usually accompanied by comments by the legendary Jean Nelissen.
structure Changes
from the mid-nineties, however, decreased prestige Topcompetitie. An important reason was the total restructuring which is then executed by the UCI in the global cycling. There was an end to the strict separation between the worlds of amateur cycling and pro cycling. There was also a new category created for young elite riders: the promise category.
the many subsequent amendments, caused initially very confusing organizers, cyclists, the press and fans. What was new cycle status of the previous’ top amateur competitions? Some former top amateur competitions dreamed now so many professionals to get the start, the other races did as much on the old base to move forward, while other breeds are now more wanted to focus on young riders.
One result was that it used to be relatively homogeneous group matches, the “best amateur competitions,” in the long run in terms of participants more diverse, but also to the emergence of this kind of change matches. Actually there were a lot of ambitious matches the victim of a strange paradox. Previously, these prices as a label “top amateur classical” and thanks to the label they had so much prestige that the press was flowing strongly. But what happened to these games for the structural changes, so after the abolition of this strict division between amateurs and professionals? Since there are now a lot of semi-pros and pros were on the start lists these prices were in practice athletic level of these competitions higher. But the view of the press and public were very different. What used to be a “top amateur classic” name, now called a “small profkoersje” and therefore now had far less prestige and media attention.
National Federation Topcompetition still remained in existence until 2004, but it was during these later years, not more prestigious league as it was around 1990. it turned out during the last years of its existence an anachronism that was lost in the new cycling era.
Although there were a lot of observing policies Topcompetitie, it was still very painful for the Dutch cycling who disappeared this league. As a result, for years no serious overall rankings for more Dutch topwielerwedstrijden.Various competitions which previously belonged Topcompetitie saw clearly that they are now much less interest from the press, the public and sponsors got, now more they were not part of an overall Dutch league.

Refoundation Topcompetition

As of the 2015 cycling season Topcompetition back. This is particularly the initiative of former cyclist Flavio Paquino and entrepreneur Maarten von Winning.Er will Topcompetitie 2015 on the three classifications: the individual classification, young riders classification and the team classification. In addition, each race is also the most combative rider get a prize.

First prize

The winner of the individual standings in 2015 Topcompetitie automatically be offered a professional contract with the Dutch team Roompotstraat ProContinentale Orange Cycling.

Competitions Topcompetition 2015

Below is an overview of all the games that count toward Topcompetitie 2015. The competition consists of both national competitions, but also in the competitions available on the UCI international calendar. As the international competitions is not only earn points for the Dutch Topcompetitie, but also for the UCI Europe Tour. Two events p [calendar, the individual pace and the team time trial, the site is not yet known. Of all the races that count towards Topcompetitie 2015 after the competition to see a compilation on the website of Topcompetitie.