Types of Water Bottles

Bottles And Plastic Water Bottles Reusable Bpa Free

BPA or Bisphenol A is a chemical compound to avoid (because classified as endocrine disruptor), which is a component of many plastic containers. Like many European countries, France has implemented measures of restrictions on the use of bisphenol A. Since January 2015, this chemical is banned in all food use cans or bottles.
The most manufacturers have integrated this prohibition and offer plastic bottles and water bottles without BPA, and label their products accordingly.
These bottles and water bottles are tritan (Kor) or polypropylene (Sigg).

Bottles And Gourdes Reusable Wall Flexible

A. Silicone gourdes

Small bottles of silicone, washable and reusable, are designed for toddlers. You can put smoothies, soup, sauce or drink.
Their capacity ranges from 70 to 150 ml.

B. foldable water bottles

Also silicone, they are perfect for sports and travel. Perfectly waterproof, they also have the advantage of wrap on themselves when empty and does not clutter the backpack or travel bag.

C. Water pockets

A water reservoir is a bladder that can be filled with liquid. It is provided with a pipe end of which is a kind of pacifier. Just bite and aspire to drink.
It is mainly used by athletes who can drink without interrupting their activities.

Water Bottles Infusers

Brewers bottles are often considered detox bottles or preparing healthy, natural drinks to base flat water or sparkling water.
They contain a perforated central tube containing the ingredients to flavor water (fruits , flowers, herbs, spices ..).
They come in different forms and formats (bottle, flask, glass, with or without straw, with or without integrated juicer).

Water Bottles Filter

The filter hydration of cool water bottle when you drink. They are equipped with a filter to prevent impurities, bacteria or harmful substances contained in tap water.

Different filters:

-The activated carbon filter which transforms reliably water filtered tap water
-The filter based on coconut shells which eliminates the taste of chlorine (Kor)
-The universal filter which can be screwed to the tube a water bag or used as a straw

These filters must be changed regularly.
Pellets can also purify water and make it potable (fountains, sources ..).

Water Bottles Connected

Some hydration bottles are now connected to facilitate monitoring of the water consumption of a person (having previously indicated age, weight and size) during the day. The bottle is connected via Bluetooth to a mobile application and the user can monitor real-time water consumption. Considering the geolocation, the application can also adjust the “water target” depending on the temperature, humidity or altitude.
The application can also synchronize with a fitness application, or bracelet connected to the user to indicate the amount of water to drink according to their physical activity.

Bottles And Gourdes Reusable Insulated

Bottles and insulated water bottles, thermos, keep hot or cold drinks for hours (up to 24), the remaining liquid temperature close to its original temperature. The principle is this: the hot or cold liquid is poured into a container suspended in another vessel with which it has no contact. The liquid is isolated from the outside by a double wall. Between the two walls there is only emptiness. The inner container is usually stainless steel or glass.
The vacuum flasks need to be perfectly airtight and easy to complete (eg wide mouth to insert ice cubes).
There are also insulated covers that fit over the bottle or the bottle.

Some Thermoses are equipped with a tea strainer or lid / cup or lid / cup, convenient to drink your iced tea or herbal tea in the office or to accompany your box picnic .

The Skin In Gourdes

Leather water bottles made of cow hides, goat or sewn together goat, are hardly used by hunters or lovers of medieval traditions.
Made by craftsmen, their lining is natural resin pitch or latex.
These are gourds that serve as the transport of wine or alcohol, the conveyance of water.