Twitter Will Warn of New Retweets and Favorites by Email

The Twitter started today to enable a feature for those who love to receive notifications by e-mail. The social network already allows a message to be sent to each new follower directly or new message, but these options were extended today. Network users can now be notified by email when one of your tweets is Retweeted, favorite do or when your username is mentioned in the social network.
As with all new features, this is being activated gradually to its millions of users. One of them, Kevin Nunez user, you already have access to new options for notifications, sent the screenshots below for The Next Web , showing how they will work.

Apparently, as the emails of new followers and MDs, they will be individual. That is, every new favorite or retweet a new message would be sent. New options should appear soon for all the tab notification settings of the network.

Because these e-mails sent in bulk, hardly Twitter will enable this feature by default for all users, both old and new. Unless they want quite upset users and have spare servers to the task. But it is an interesting addendum yet. The question is whether users will like and enable this option.

Until now could only be notified of favorites and retweets real time through applications that use real-time API streaming, like TweetDeck and Echofon.

Upgrade to 20:48 | I bit my tongue: According to many readers of TB, Twitter has enabled this role by default for all users. Tsk, tsk, tsk. How ugly.