Twitter Prepares Publishing Similar Photos to Twitpic

The Twitpic that care. If the information obtained by Techcrunch is correct (usually are), the Twitter will launch a service for photo posting very soon. Tomorrow, says the writer of the post, Alexia tsotsis, if the predictions of its sources are fulfilled.

The entrance of Twitter in imaging services harvest would not be a surprise, so to speak. Some people use the microblogging mainly for this. The same is not true with the videos, which are not so popular so even after the Twitpic released the publication of such content (albeit rather limited).

The Techcrunch points out that Facebook is currently considered the largest photo service in the world volume, as millions and millions are posted daily there. Twitter could well put a dent in that traffic, further ensuring advertising (contextual?) Pages of photos posted by its supposed image service.

Money is something that, you see, does not lack for Twitter. Last week they bought TweetDeck for between $ 40 million and $ 50 million, with the imminent intention to launch an official client for Windows. Implement current microblog resources with the publication of images seems to be the next step toward world domination.