Twitter Launches Photo Gallery

More images. The Twitter launches a new feature that lets you view images posted by users microblog through photo gallery. Instead of getting picking tweet tweet what the person sent the picture to Twitter, you can make a simple click and get access to all images tweeted that account – at once, no need to do anything else.

The announcement was made just now by Twitter Twitter itself (!).

The option recent pictures (“Recent Images“) appears in the sidebar of the service, below the statistics of followers, followed and amount of tweets published so far. Twitter only displays the four most recent images that user posted to your account. To see the other you need to click “see all” (“View all“).

The “View all” features a photo gallery with recent images, arranged in the form of thumbnails. By clicking on one of them the obvious happens: the service loads that content in larger, still featuring the original tweet in which the image first appeared. Can you send a reply or favoritar tweet. If you are the owner of the account, it also gives to delete the tweet.

This newly presented photo gallery works not only with the service’s picture Twitter Shipping, which was released in August as TwitPic competitor. The very TwitPic is accepted and yFrog and Instagram, and other imaging services.

Twitter clarifies that disappear for a photo gallery just delete the tweet in which to link to it. This for the photos sent by the site itself. In the case of yFrog, Instagram and TwitPic, the image will no longer appear in the gallery, but certainly still be available in the third site. Then you need to go there, choose the image and delete it manually.

There is still no date for when all users will have access to the photo gallery.

By the way, the gallery is limited to 100 latest images sent by Twitterer. And it does not apply to images published before 1 January 2010.