Turn Your Phone Into a Flashlight with LED Flashlight

Droidlight LED Flashlight is a free application that turns your smartphone into a real flashlight.Available for Android , the app is ideal for locating keys and small objects in the bag, illuminating the environment when there is power outage or any other time when you need light.

The application is very light and easy to install.To start using the mobile owner you only need to accept the terms of use of the service and release the access to the camera.

The app uses the main camera’s LED flash as the brightness source to illuminate.When you enter it, the user views a large light on, which indicates that the light is on.

To turn off the light of the Droidlight LED Flashlight, simply slap the lamp.There is no menu in the app, which you can quit just by clicking the back buttons or the Android home screen.

Download this free app now and do not go any further without light!

Our opinion

The best of the Droidlight LED Flashlight is its lightness and fluidity.At just 174k, it runs on the latest versions of Android – from Eclair – without crashing.In addition, the complete absence of additional controls precludes misuse.It is not only very easy to use;But it is simply impossible not to be able to operate it.

This conciseness is perfect for anyone who wants a powerful flashlight with a simple touch.However, it may displease users who want to control the intensity of light emission, something that does not exist in the Droidlight LED Flashlight.

The lack of extra features is another negative point compared to competitors.Many apps in the genre offer audible alerts or use the screen as the second light source, for example.That is, the Motorola app loses in this respect.

However, rivals weigh a lot more and require more up-to-date systems to run.Thus, the manufacturer is right in offering a useful option and that can be enjoyed by practically all people with Android.