Turbans of the Novel “the Star”

The novel “the Star” won a remake that will be displayed from this Tuesday (12). With cast of weight and a plot beyond puzzling, the novel of 11:00 promises to be a real success and bring back something that made the women head years ago: turbans.

The protagonist of the novel uses a nice turban with an amethyst in the middle and made a lot of people would adhere to the accessory in the first version. With a retelling and a period of daring brazilian fashion, the turban is beginning to reappear from various colors and shapes.

Out of Brazil the accessory was very successful for being the favorite of actresses as Elizabeth Taylor and Greta Garbo. To date celebrities tuned abuse with a beautiful scarf tying in the head. Check out some:

If you liked the templates will enjoy the tips that we parted ways with the step by step to a nice turban. Check out:

How To Make A Nice Turban (Step By Step):

Choose a scarf of your preference to be rectangular. Work in pattern to assemble a look pretty cool.

Cover your head with this scarf as if he were a veil. Leave a little hair on display on the front.

If you prefer attach with a clip on the front so that the tissue will not fall.

Cross the two ends of the scarf behind your head.

Bring these tips to the front of the head and cross them again.

Now hide both ends with the help of Staples so that any imperfections disappear.

Ready! The your turban is ready. If you prefer, let your hair down as did Thaila Ayala in the photo above.

TIP: There are some special scarves turbans that make quite the production.