Tricks to be More Elegant And Slim

To look more elegant and slim don’t necessarily have to do a diet to lose weight and physical exercises very tired, since it is not if a special invitation for an event of breaking, then so you get these these tricks to be more elegant and slim.

With these simple tricks you can look slimmer as if by magic, of course that you will not lose weight, but if you will show you with a style more sophisticated, then to do so then I leave you with the advice you have to follow at the time of a stylish look.


To make you look slimmer and with a style more sophisticated the first thing you have to do is to choose high-heeled shoes. It’s time that set aside the flat shoes to show off a beautiful pair of shoes with high heels and even better if it’s for some celebration of night. Heels can stylize the figure and give the impression of longer legs, which makes you look thin and elegant of course. If you cannot be so comfortable with the heels, then opt for the platforms that are also very helpful.

The biggest mistake that can commit is to choose a size that is not appropriate for dress. You have to choose the right size, you don’t have to wear a Rome that you adjust much or some dress more size so you feel looser, forget this. To make you look slimmer, you have to opt for clothing for your exact size that allows you to style your figure.

Give greater prominence to the virtues you have and forget your defects. At the time of wear and especially to make you look slimmer, it is necessary to have in mind that body type you have and what are your most outstanding attributes. For example, models of dresses cut at the waist are special to mark and highlight curves, while if your legs are wide I recommend let side thigh high boots.

Not always let yourself be carried away by the first garment you see and you think elegant and charming, but it is necessary to try several styles and cuts so that you identify which is best goes with your style and which not. In addition, you do not neglect the underwear or belts are a good choice if you have a special event and wish to look with a flat belly.

Dark garments will be your best allies, are those that allow to look with many kilos less. Within items that stand out most is the black, which is an elegant color and that is perfect for any occasion. But we also have other dark colors that are special as violet, blue or brown.

Finally don’t forget the accessories which are special to deflect attention from problem areas. It is time that you animes to wear scarves or necklaces that provide an elegant touch to your look.

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