Trends of Glasses Frames for Vintage Lovers

Vintage, classic or, as is more traditional mean, is increasingly in fashion. All that is ‘ retro ‘ or is reminiscent of bygone days fashion trends is increasingly popular. Eyeglass frames don’t run to this rule. Are the options to make the glasses more vintage or retro.

The main trends of this new wave are wide frames – round or square-and with plenty of style. It is quite common to see if, in the street, vintage glasses frames, very wide, giving a rather retro look.

How are the vintage style glasses frames?

Besides the size, these frames have large lenses and use and abuse of the metallic tones. In addition, they are usually very thick glasses frames, however a much more trendy designs than the originals.

Big stars of music and show business worldwide have used and become even more popular these types of frames. The bet has been especially in glasses frames in shades of gold or silver, although many prefer acrylic glasses frames and black tones.

Templates used by Elton John earn new life

There are still those who choose the turtle or even by the transparent frames. Renewed versions of former Beatle John Lennon’s glasses or Elton John are being produced in series and selling extremely well. Everything, to get out of the routine and bet on different and unique looks.

It is important to remember that, in addition to the brokers and vision, the glasses are also increasingly a assessório sets and that mark trends for each season, suggested by homosociety. The frames are a great way to customize the style and increase the notoriety that the uses.