Trends for Autumn/Winter

If you like to be fashionable, be sure to know the trends for autumn/winter 2016, about which we will comment on the following matters, which brings the latest news from the fashion universe for women and for men.

The autumn/winter fashion 2016 comes with many new features, helping to assemble very elegant costumes, that are the hallmark of the colder seasons of the year, when usually NAB ’em in people look to protect low temperatures.

Check out some of the 2016 fashion trends that promise to make success in the cold period.

Trends For Autumn/Winter 2016

Among the 2016 winter fashion trends for women, one of the highlights is the wet velvet, fabric that comes with everything appearing in fairer and unusual colors modeling, contributing even more to the elegant tone.

Very common at that time, the covers and the coats have been taken from the wardrobe and are present in everyday life of many women. 2016 versions of these models are longer still, consisting of good alternatives to the places where the cold is too intense.

In the case of female 2016 winter accessories, two items stand out. One of them is the Bowler Hat, great to use at parties and more formal looks. The other is the Fanny Pack, play classical and back strong this year, redesigned models.

Other highlights of the Womenswear winter 2016 are:

Metallic parts (silver tone)

Animal Print colorful

Beige color

P & B stripes


Short trousers

Boot varnished

Flared sleeve

Men’s Fashion Trends Winter 2016

Already among the 2016 winter fashion trends men, the short-sleeved hooded sweatshirt is one of the pieces which should mark the season, especially in the places where the cold is not so strong, but that still require an extra sweater to warm the body.

Another big bet for the male looks of winter, this year, is fresh fish, consisting of pieces like jeans, wool sweaters, sweater, knitted hat, boots and trousers with turn-ups, among other items.

It is worth noting too:

Chelsea boots men

Total jeans style

Prints girls

Blouse with thumbhole

Knitting sweater

Trench Coat long

Oversized jackets

Bent Cap

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