Travel: Backpacking Tips

Do you want to backpack and still do not know where to start? Planning is important so that you do not go through serious problems during the trip-some problems will always arise-and still have that delicious anticipation to reach the first destination. Well, Kanui’s blog decided to go after some backpackers and made a list of tips for you!

First Steps
According to the traveler and student Mariana Gimenes, first you must check your available budget for the trip. From this, you can decide the destination, how long it will stay and what your route will be-even if it changes during the journey-and then you can finally get the tickets.

It is important to buy a quality , comfortable backpack that fits your body following After all, you will be carrying her throughout the trip. So, find a store that specializes in this subject and research the different brands.

Indispensable Items
The most important are first-aid kits in the event of emergencies, few clothes to carry in the backpack-but always thinking about the temperature variation-a few dollars in the pocket and “comfortable shoes to walk a lot and a camera”, advises Mariana.

Besides the tickets, the biggest expenses are in the stay and restaurants, because they are things that you need and you can not escape. But Mariana says that this can be saved by looking for cheap hostels or even the couchsurfing scheme ,  and buying food from the local markets, which are cheaper.

“A tip for backpackers is to really play in the local culture, staying in hostels-not hotels-because there you meet a lot of people from different places and make friends from all over the world, a great environment to socialize with. The website is incredible and you find great places for cheap prices”.

Enjoyed it? Now just get your suitcase and go to your chosen destination!