Transparent Pants

The most common transparent calzoncilos are male underwear garments that are present in many collections of the best-known firms.
We can find them among the more different models, can be transparent a simple thong, a boxer or a slip of a lifetime. Transparency is given by the fabric used in it is sometimes by pure pomposity or poise as is the case with many models of lingerie, and other times the transparency occurs as a result of something, as in the case of sports underwear.

In this type of sportswear, they used to be more or less open plot which therefore gives them much needed qualities as a very fast drying fabrics and optimal ventilation, in addition to be very elastic fabrics also provide flexibility.

It looks much transparency in male lingerie, since the majority of lace that occupy the first place in these items are partial or almost completely transparent.

Being used very much also in transparent underwear making the combination of genres, resulting in generally highly erotic clothing and sometimes we could say even lustful.

There are items like some boxer which still very simple models without hardly any details and only because they are made with a thin elastic tulle or even sticky cotton or other tissues in your version more thin and translucent become items of a capable of competing with the more elaborate designs and extraordinary delicacy.

We will agree now that transparent underpants can be worn for so many reasons, and of the most varied styles. We can buy them both to do sport and daily, we can give it to certain occasions as it can be the case with typical Christmas Red underpants or use it in the most erotic and of course equal time to dress.

That said, also have to comment that it is a type of garment which already weigh hardly prejudice and is being used a lot by fashion or comfort either.