Traditional and Charming: Female Polo Shirt!

There was a time that the POLO SHIRT lived only in the male wardrobe. One of the most used pieces in male clothing broke into the closet of the chicks. This Classic shirt and casual offers an air elegant and feminine at the same time to look. Big brands have increasingly invested in the shirts, which are timeless pieces and very versatile.Can be used in looks for work, days outdoors, sports activities or even in that relaxed happy hour to order a clean production.

According to Anyblouses, these shirts never go out of fashion, but it’s nice to pay special attention to the combination-bet in a production with short jeans or tailoring, with high-waisted skirt with a thin belt or even invest in a visual style, using inside of long skirts. Finish off the look with the all of jeans is also a super cool tip!

Besides being a BEAUTIFULpiece, the story of this shirt marks a breach of paradigms that separated the women’s fashion: it was created by René Lacoste for French tennis players and immortalized by famous the late 1960, likeAudrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy, who gave special emphasis to this piece, inspiring thousands of women. They broke with the social cliches, stealing parts that made success in men, demonstrating with subtlety all determination and revolutionary importance of that generation.

Girls, you can bet without fear in POLO SHIRT, because she is a classic! Can abuse in choosing colors, there is the risk of out of fashion. Separated some inspirations for you glass in looks!