TouchPal Curve, a New Alternative Keyboard That You Should Try

We like to customize our Android in all its possibilities and one of this is the reference to the keyboard. If you do not have a physical keyboard Android and that they write much, whatever by the nature, there are many alternatives to choose from a set of different keyboard that brings Android by default. Some manufacturers already include any business proposal integrated in the system, such as the Swype on some Samsung.

There are for all tastes and colors, some are very intuitive and others have a moderate learning curve. On this occasion I We’ll talk about TouchPal, that although is still in beta phase, already facets, one can distinguish you further that we can test it to determine if us convinces and promote it as a master keyboard.

With TouchPal Curve have several methods to write, either by sliding the finger the screen, like Swype, or by the traditional method of pressing keys, but also both can run without showing the keyboard in a courage of ‘ the most difficult yet ’. This method personally I think it is more relegated to the scribes ‘ hardcore ’, don’t you think? Take a look to the official video to enter slaughter.

What are the ACEs of TouchPal Curse? Well, as announced, the first of them is called Smart Prediction and, basically, is that the system will learn from you and will personalize with your writing habits showing proposals for the next word; that is, the same making Swiftkey. They promise that only with this saving of 60% of beats, WOW!

The following as is TouchPal Curve system, which consists in writing by sliding your finger across the screen joining the prediction system. In this way, to go gliding toe, guess the complete word and it is not necessary to complete it, if it has successful, with which we will win time in the process. Very similar to Swype, but top.

Finally, his third as is called Blind Type, which consists in correct your bad aim typing on the fly the letters of each word (without entering into discussion if the fault lies with poor precision of some Android screen). Perhaps this is the system that most interests me, because it is one of the major flaws that I write when I’m walking. This system guess, that you start to write gibberish, that the letters were to be immediately closest to which you’ve pressed. This I have to try it when it is the version in Spanish.

These 3 ACEs are supported on the prediction system of text, or in the engine to find the right word in the dictionary. As it is obvious There will be words that do not deduct them well because they are not included, so we manually will have that add them to your dictionary (as happens in the rest of alternative keyboards). They promise that the end/commercial version will be multi-lingual team, with dictionaries of English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Chinese, and many more.

In the following video you can see a summary of how configurable is this new keyboard. We note that at the moment, in this beta release, is not even the Spanish Dictionary, by what, for this language, at the moment won’t you get much juice in our writing, but with the English version we will serve to make us an idea of its power and if you will adapt to what you are looking for.

You can Download the APK from the beta to try making the request in the XDA Developers Forum, but also by direct discharge in the other source of news. I hope to find you interesting. I acknowledge that I do not write too much, but this type of proposal is attractive to me and I think that goes to many to seduce. Already by gossip, which keyboard you are using you?