Top 10 Bib Necklaces

The bib necklaces are very popular because they are an accessory  big and bold that can give life, color and sparkle to a simple outfit; You can even change a whole day and make it ideal for night with just add one of these necklaces. If you want to buy some of those who show you, click on the blue word in the description.

Stones Bib Necklace

This style of necklace chains is more serious than others because it can have a single color and stones are smooth and opaque. You can combine it with button earrings same color as the stones necklace and will be very harmonious.


Neon colors bib necklace

If you love bib necklaces flashy but feel are too loaded to day use, the easier this style and solid neon colors, it is perfect for you. It is ideal for use day and can use bracelets single or small earrings to add more details to your style.


Bib Necklace Egyptian Gold

This bib necklace is the accessories more elegant because, despite its striking size, thin and solid metallic color strips will add a sophisticated style to a dark dress and a lot of life to one for the day.

Bib necklace battens

The bib necklaces can be made ​​of metal, plastic and even fabric, this style slats is the most colorful and modern as they have a minimalist design but is very striking.


Bib necklace charms

One style of bib necklaces most attractive are those with charms of different sizes and colors. If the ornaments are very striking, we recommend not use any other accessories and use it on a smooth and light fabric blouse.


Bib necklace Accounts

If you like bib necklaces , but do not like to call attention too, this will be one of your favorites. You can combine it with fashion jewelry, simple and use it day or night on discrete blouses or with a simple motif.


Bib necklace Neck Shirt

A very original style and recently has become fashionable, it is to use necklaces in the shape of a shirt collar, but with many ornaments or shiny fabrics. This bib necklace is perfect to wear collared blouses and give an original touch.


Bib necklace with Quartz

The elegance and vibrant color are what highlight this bib necklace is very cute and appealing, ideal for daywear for its natural stones and light colors. Combine it with round neck blouses either higher or a little lower and maybe a bracelet to match.


Bib necklace with Animal motif

The animal motif accessories has been introduced a while trending, time is very beautiful, original and daring at once, and this bib necklace is no exception. Use this collar with no other simple accessories and clothing since the protagonist will be the collar.


Bib necklace Flores

This is one of the styles bib necklace more common as the flowers look perfect in any color and are very feminine. One of the advantages of this style of accessory is that you do not need to combine it with others or with your outfit, is the element that will be highlighted.

Remember that this style of collars should be used with other very simple accessories or only focus on your look, so you should choose clothing that is not too extravagant or hairstyles elaborate.