Tips to Clean out Your Closet

“Help, my Cabinet bursts!”-finally more room & more order

How to organize the chaos, clean out the closet and thick clothes sure “outsource”.

If in the morning at the opening of the Cabinet still the T-Shirts and short shorts against tumble us, is as clear as day: is found in this hullabaloo no cookies allow for (new) winter things. It is possible that easy-but, no time change: the changing of the seasons is the perfect opportunity to bring order to the chaos of clothes. Our to-do: Closet clean out ! As this quite easy in 4 steps, we tell you here.


Sort out clothes

First step to recovery: completely remove the Cabinet and the empty compartments wipe with warm water and cleaning agent. The second step is even more difficult, because Closet clean out is how we twist it and turn, simply no fun, no matter. But: one must separate from some clothes is now easy. Everything you have not worn for a over a year, what has holes or no longer fits, should be away. Pieces that are still intact, you can give to the dress donation or parts that are really stylish and no longer fit, resell online – z.B withgirl flea market.

Or how about a Wardrobe-Detox-Party with your girlfriends. Tighten the clothes, which applies to sort it out and rate the girls with take & toss cards, what you are allowed to keep and what to leave. Feels like when “sex and the city” and there is everything you need to do this, here > >

Clean clothes

Applies for all wool or cashmere parts that want to keep track of, but just do not wear: into the cleaning. Because the smell of worn clothing draws moths’s rather than freshly purified. Cotton and synthetic upper can be cleaned at home in the machine. Cedar wood or small Lavender bag, you put between the knitwear, extra protection against the hole eaters offer after washing.

Clothes neatly accommodate

It’s the right storage after cleaning. Please note: thickness fold sweaters so that as little kinks emerge. A location tissue paper between the things ensures that they get more air. Then put in boxes or bags in the attic or in the basement. It is important that it is not damp there. You otherwise never go outside anymore get the musty smell. And: When hanging storage necessarily use pad bracket satin related. Wire hanger left bumps. Shoes with shoe stretchers and put in bag. This will prevent scratches and dents.

Save space in the closet

Jeans, cotton sweaters and synthetic clothing can be kept small folded into boxes, for example under the bed or on the Cabinet. Great space-saver for theCloset clean out vacuum bags are. Them is removed from the vacuum cleaner air – and already shrinking the bulky package to a well stow packet. And we have space again for the summer stuff in the closet.

More practical tips: Clothes fresh keep right

Special fabric softener can be outsourced clothes still in autumn smell good.”Freshness protection” by Lalo, approx. 3 euro. Worried that sensitive woollen clothes smell good and safe from moths: Lavender scent sachets by L’Occitane, approx. 7 euro. Against moths: Cedarwood from the good things, 10 balls about 3 euros.

Properly storing clothes

Box for shoes and co., 30 x 34 x 11 cm, IKEA, about 6 euros. Space saving vacuum bags for storage. By Relaxdays, 2 pieces approx 5 euro.