Tips To Choose Your Swimming Goggles

We’ve talked about swimming goggles in the Medinas blog. And our readers requested more information, because the texts that read here-with tips, suggestions and information about the fantastic sportSwimming – have encouraged many people to start practicing or resume the practice. For our regular visitors and to the new, here are more tips on swimming goggles.

it is possible that you have already tried to jump into the pool for training and just got muddled vision because their glasses filled with water. Or maybe she had during the entire workout with glasses that cause pain, feeling a lot of pressure on the eyes.

If, out of the pool, his eyes turn red or with goggles on his face, it’s time to do something about it.

Choosing Swimming Goggles

The Medinas have options in glasses suitable for your swimming

This text of the Medinas offers useful tips that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a pair of goggles for swimming at Polyhobbies.

Types Of Swimming Goggles

The first thing you should do is to associate your glasses to the type of swimming practice as they have different purposes. Here is a brief explanation of the various types of glasses available for purchase.

Competition Goggles

Present great technical performance to that based in the eye socket. This reduces drag, making them more manoeuvrable.

Were made for speed and can be uncomfortable if used every day, although many swimmers prefer in order to acquire habit.

·         Practice Goggles

Good for everyday use and are less technical than glasses. However, they are well made and have high quality. Are more comfortable because they were created for frequent use and for longer periods.

Have more gasket, which softens the pressure against your eyes.

Glasses For Recreation

Although cheaper and relatively comfortable, are not suitable for many hours. The antifog film (fogproof) of lenses – if they have this treatment – tends to wear off quickly. The Medinas search in the market the best glasses for recreation before making available to its customers.

Attention: for being serious company, the Medinas have to warn that it is necessary to pay special attention to wear glasses with antiembaçamento recreation. Poor visibility can cause some occasional disturbances.

Still, are indicated for those not going to swim for long time journal.

Swim Masks

Are not glasses themselves, but our readers requested more data about this accessory.

Designed for scuba diving, are much larger than the glasses.Most swimming masks is soft and comfortable; some recreational swimmers prefer these masks the glasses.

Types Of Lenses

Identify the best design of glasses for you is important, but it is also important to consider the types of lenses.

There are several types of colors and functions. And you need to think in light to your surroundings, that is, whether to block or not the light.

 Mirrored Lenses

mirrored, are dark-colored lenses, suitable for frequent use or even in competition. If you swim around noon every day or will participate in competition, you can choose these lenses.

In addition, if you practice the backstroke in swimming pool-Outdoor, mirrored lenses may be the best choice. But, if you use mirrored lenses when it’s dark or indoors, your visibility may be limited.

Remember that the dark tone of mirror lenses darken everything in your surroundings. Therefore, these lenses are not recommended for pools little lit.

Colored Lenses

If you practice swimming indoors or in the early morning, the clear colored lenses work best. Clean clear color lenses with constancy to receive maximum light through them.

Orange lenses make everything your back look brighter, improving visibility in the water. Other light colors-as pink, purple and green – can also illuminate the pool around you, though not as well as the Orange.

Keep in mind that the colored lenses tend not to work as well in places with lots of light. If swimming outdoors during the day, your horizontal view can be compromised.

Dark Colored Lenses

If you want versatile glasses, black or blue lenses are a good choice. Do not block the Sun as well as mirrored lenses don’t even make the water clearer, but are very good for cloudy days.

Important Tips

Purchase Several Pairs

In the case of your glasses break, it’s always good to have reservations. If you are professional or amateur competitor, may want to opt for glasses that fit better at the time of the competition.


The best way to say that glasses are comfortable for you is to just try them out. Think about how you feel when using them.

If you practice swim for half an hour every day, are more comfortable as possible. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable glasses during laps.

When you try a pair, using for a long period of time. Remember that will only hurt after some time of use. You don’t want to discourage because of the pair of glasses.

Place the piece and make adjustments; She needs to shape your ocular cavity. Make sure there are no openings between the glasses and your face.

Also make sure that the glasses produce enough pressure so that they don’t get out of the place, but not enough to cause trouble.

If you’re looking for good swimming goggles and appropriate to type of practice of your favourite sport, see the Medinas.Visit our facebook page and leave your doubt. The Medinas will have great satisfaction in assisting you.